What's the proper way to report cp online...

What's the proper way to report cp online? I "stumbled" upon some shit on a non tor site but idk if I should snitch or just let it be

I don't want authorities asking me how i knew or anything of that sort

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grey area man, you'll get a lot of questions about how u found it whether u did it on purpose and just felt bad after

You can probably leave an anonymous tip with the FBI. Use a VPN or something while you do it if you want extra protection.
You shouldn't leave stuff like this alone, it's super fucked up and ruins children's lives.

Yeah man, just report it. It genuinely ruins lives.

imagine having to explain to your friends and family why the police were questioning you about child pornography. there's no recovery from that.

I've actually been working with these things for the authorities. Anyone can stumble across things like that; some times it's from a normal link from a normal porn site. Trust me, no one will question you if you report it. But if you do NOT report it, there might be questions...

Say that the feds take down the server tomorrow and start looking at the logs - they will find your IP. What do you say then?

pic is not related, right OP?

Leave it be. What's the harm to you? Nothing. It's a victimless crime. And some people like to see it.

Again, it does nothing to hurt you. Just leave it alone.

Don't trust this pig. Anything you "stumbled upon" is already known by the FBI, NSA, Google, Interpol, etc

It's not like coming across a dead body in the woods. Nothing on the open internet is a secret to the powers that be. All you're doing is drawing attention to yourself.

National Center For Missing And Exploited Children (NCMEC)
Most civilized countries have a group like NCMEC.

victimless my ass you retard.

tip it to FBI, people find shit online everyday, you are more fucked if they take the site down and your ip is logged.

Who's the victim in someone watching a video or looking at a picture of a crime?

I can watch ISIS highlight reels all day and it's not illegal. Why not war against that instead of the thing that's already illegal?

Got there before me. But honestly, what the fuck is this idiot talking about?

Literally who is victimized when you watch it? I'm not talking about making it.

Although these days girls are making their own on tiktok and sending it to men they want to fuck, so even that's a grey area these days since they're doing it 100% willingly.

just ignore it, last thing you want is getting mixed up in it and it becoming a misunderstanding

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Not true
US DOJ suggest 80% of those who possess CP are also molesting children. Making a CP arrest means arresting a child molester.

If you have a sexual interest in child to the point you are collecting pictures, then there is a good chance you are also molesting kids
A child was victimized when it was made
Demand for CP by perverts causes more CP to be made

Your neice is victimized because her uncle is a predator. In fact, any kids around you are unsafe.

the reason they make these videos is because there are people watching, ISIS does it to spread their message and will fo it regardless.

If you watch CP you are not only a degenerate, but one that incentives this rotten market,

the concept is that by viewing it you are creating a market for it and that leads to harm of the children to create it

>US DOJ suggest 80% of those who possess CP are also molesting children.
[citation needed]

The cyber police or the state police, it's your call

Good luck hero OP

no idea what the content is but i think it has to do with context if its teenaged sluts let it be if its toddlers with sweaty old men bending them over then it needs to be taken down

it's not a grey area and you know it, minors are minors, regardless of their desires.

>nobody would molest a child if they weren't filming it
>watching isis videos is okay because they'd do it anyway
Are you mentally retarded?

it sounds like the short part of what you are saying is
somone who has shown poor impulse control in collecting also will have poor impulse control around children

if that is the case than what would you say about those who read erotica involving children or other legal methods to get there thrill but don't view cp ?

You say that as if that wasn't easily findable on google. But I'll let the user who said it serve you your plate of words which you're gonna be forced to eat

This is the logical fallacy of correlation error.

Alright I'll wait, I'm interested to see how the DOJ would ever possibly be able to prove that or even make a guess that would allow someone from the DOJ to make a broad generalization in an interview.

The market exists regardless

Post a link and I'll report it.

I'm talking about a market, not the end of molestation, you are warping it to fit your narrative, nice strawmsn you fucktard.

watching isis is not ok, but the intent is different, there is no profit so there is no market for it, it is pure ideology.


are you saying without anyone watching or without this one guy?
yea he is just one person
and yes children will be abused regaurdless of a market but if a lot of people are able to watch than there will be an increased amount

>US DOJ suggest 80% of people molesting children also possess CP

fixed that for you. there is no data available on how many people in possession of cp are child molesters, although estimates are in the 1% range

there is a ckear difference, if you can't see it then you have problems

>What's the proper way to report cp online?
Get acquainted with local law first. Some countries are ridiculous in that even accidentally viewing it can get you charged with a crime. Anonymous tip, proxy plus public computer, would not want to have your real info on this

your arguing a losing battle.demonstratively if you are there viewing it and getting a thrill from it you are as bad as the one distributing it and filming it.because you are giving that content an audience therefore by proxy creating an environment for more of it to be created

Still waiting

Wasn't it "easily findable"? Weren't you going to make me eat a plate of shit?

the question wasn't about me i asked about what you see and you retort is deflection

I don't have a niece, and have zero desire to molest anyone, but nice try.

That's a bullshit argument because there's not a real marketplace for it in the first place, at least not one where people are paying money for it.

Agreed. Fuck people that molest kids. Sluts want to show their pussy to horny dudes? Meh, it's on them. Let guys (and girls, plenty of pedo women out there too) watch it and who cares.

Nah, by law sure. But morally I think there's an argument that it's not that bad.

The burden of proof is on the person making the claim.

That being said, far, FAR more men are into underage girls than you think. You're just sheltered And naive.

there's also data that suggests the opposite: availability of cp reduces child sexual abuse rates. there's just not enough data to work with to reach a conclusion.

not only that, but the trivialization of minors in porn leads to a society that think it is ok, here in brazil there is a huge crowd that won't bat an eye to a 26 year old fucking a 13 year old.

>but the intent is different
The intent of ISIS videos is explicitly creating a market for more ISIS videos and advertising the group. It's actually much worse.

that was my argument.

Same in Mexico as well.

Truly they are so much more developed than we are.

sorry, I'm phoneposting, so it is hard to write long posts, later I will elaborate on that.

iirc there is enough data to say that the access of pornography in general or violent pornography lowers the rate of sexual crimes in general.

It makes sense since if we know anything about human sexuality is that repression doesn't work.

In a 2000 study issued by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, 76% of offenders convicted of internet-related crimes against children admitted to contact sex crimes with children previously undetected by law enforcement and had an average of 30.5 child sex victims each.10 Furthermore, reports by state-based Internet Crimes against Children (ICAC) task forces confirm the positive correlation between the possession of child pornography and the commission of crimes against children, through its law enforcement and fieldwork.11 For instance, the Pennsylvania-based ICAC task force reported that 51% of individuals arrested for pornography-related offenses were also determined to be actively molesting children or to have molested in the past. In Dallas, the ICAC task force found that 32% of offenders arrested over the course of one year for child pornography offenses were also molesting children or had molested in the past.12 In light of the documented link between individuals who view child pornography and individuals who actually molest children, each child pornography case should be viewed as a red flag to the possibility of actual child molestation.
See all of the studies here.


They're kids you absolute fucking retard, I thought WWE was real when I was 12, no way in hell I could make sane decisions about my health.

Who is this?

>tfw watching a video of a child being murdered is 100% a-okay
>looking at an image of a topless 17 year old who took the photo herself and posted online is a federal crime


People who possess CP are pedofiles

Sexual predators frequently use pornography as a tool to assist them in the grooming process. "Grooming" is the term used to describe the process by which child molesters build trust with the child to transition from a nonsexual relationship to a sexual relationship in a manner that seems natural and nonthreatening.13 Through the grooming process, the child molester seeks out, befriends and manipulates a targeted victim.14 Similar to the adult courting process, the child molester "seduces" the child victim with attention, affection and gifts.15 Grooming is a gradual process and a skilled child molester takes care in laying a foundation of trust, love and friendship before escalating the relationship to a sexual one. Ultimately, the seemingly healthy relationship is only a farce used to take sexual advantage of a vulnerable child.


The notion that viewing pornographic depictions of children has no relation to child molestation is without basis. While statistical absolutes are impossible to draw in an arena such as this, evidence from actual investigations and experience tells us it is a small leap from viewing child pornography to molesting children. Individuals who find pleasure in viewing images of children engaged in sexual activities have already violated social norms with their deviant sexual interests. Therefore, it is not a farfetched idea that a viewer of child pornography will emulate the crimes being committed in those images. Possessing child pornography is a red flag to deviant sexual interest in children. Perpetrators should be pursued with vigilance, based on the assumption that where there is child pornography there is child abuse.

that's exactly the point though.its a social construct it's only bad because peoples moral compass says its bad.take a look at it this way 20 or 30 years ago homosexual porn or pictures of it was enough to get you killed or beaten to to a pulp and have you on the police and government watch list. because it was considered completely abhorrent to the current social moral construct.
>tldr: it's wrong because a lot of people say its wrong

it's amazing how with enough scary wording you can make something as mundane as dating a child sound demonic

Being a pedophile isn't illegal user.

First, your source is old as fuck. 20 years ago the internet was vastly different, and people convicted of "crimes against children" were probably trying to actively seek out kids to fuck online. Few, if any of those people (which we don't know the n count of to begin with) were likely busted for CP. The internet was a wild west back in the late 90s, not that I would expect someone as young as you to know that.

2nd, of the stats that had numbers to them, none of the numbers come close to 80%. No shit there's a "positive correlation" between being busted for CP and being a child molester, no one is arguing that there isn't. But it sure as hell ain't 80%.

>That's a bullshit argument because there's not a real marketplace for it in the first place, at least not one where people are paying money for it.
this is a really sheltered view

yes there is a massive multi million dollar market

Clown world

Shut the fuck up boomer

>People who possess CP are pedofiles

Damn, stunning insight user, how do you do it?

Yes, because molesting children is mundane

Read the others
Don’t cherry pick

An adult dating a 14 year old is mundane in most of the world.

How would you know, pedo?

No, there's not. It's all out there for free, just like the OP said he found.

Post the link so we can investigate further...

>yes there is a massive multi million dollar market
no there isn't lol. have you ever even been to the dark net. fucking hell.

unless you mean the epstein blackmail tapes, but that's more of a jewish problem.

Not enough CP in this thread...

You’re right, it says 76% not 80%. That user is such a liar.

3/4 of those who got arrested for CP admitted to molesting a kid, not 80%.

No it isn't. What the fuck? You're mixing your Western concept of monogamous dating with completely different relationship concepts from different cultures. the more you post in this thread, the more it seems to be you have latent abusive tendencies.

See that's exactly what I mean. You can twist the words around just the right way and normal human behaviors are suddenly evil.


Ok sheltered retard.

This. And in all likelihood it was uploaded there by the feds in the first place. Anything you find on clearnet was put there by an absolute idiot or the FBI

Just report the website and say you found CP. Everyone looks at porn so if your and not like your gonna get a medal and go on TV for it, atleast do the right thing so it can get taken down.

>>That's a bullshit argument because there's not a real marketplace for it in the first place, at least not one where people are paying money for it.

Never seen a child model site, never seen CP for sale on tor, never seen the MAGA threads on Sup Forums

the difference being two gay man can consent, while a child cannot.

even if the child is the one advancing, it is the duty of an adult to protect it from harm, psychological or otherwise.

A teenager is not a child lol

Health? Posting nudes of yourself is hazardous to your health now?

I did. Your first source was outdated and didn't even specify what crimes that were being committed - makes a bit of a difference if a guy is busted for driving to molest a preteen he met online vs someone who stumbled upon cp don't you think?

Your only sources with numbers we don't know the n count of the subjects studied. They're also far less than what you cited (80%) even if you take them at face value, which you shouldn't.

Yeah, because forcing a 6yo to have sex is
>>normal human behaviors are suddenly evil.

Imagine being this shit at basic economics.

give me one example of where it is normal for an adult to date a 14 year old that isn't some backwater shithole where people still die from tuberculosis

children can consent, just not legally. it's not harmful if the child initiates it, is a willing participant, and the adult is not abusive.

>that isn't some backwater shithole where people still die from tuberculosis
that's the majority of the world


You injected that word, not me. Proving my point yet again.

i saw one, the production values are absolute fantastic and the set-piece novelty killings are vaguely inventive but often gloss away the reality of whats happening

I don't see what the harm is, it doesn't seem like effective propaganda, it just makes them look pointlessly brutal and effeminately vain to be recording the act

I can get behind the viewing cp creates an market argument, but think the decency/humanity angle is much stronger. Where must your soul be to be intentionally viewing that?

The isis videos aren't exactly civil / healthy either, but the brutality is much shorter lived and affecting adults presumably soldiers. It's indecent but its not comparable to cp's awfulness

>3/4 of those who got arrested for CP admitted to molesting a kid,

Nope, read again. It doesn't specify at all what they were arrested for. This was also done 20 years ago, when cops weren't nearly as active enforcing cp laws like they are today. There's a very high likelyhood those guys were arrested for trying to find kids to fuck online, not cp.

Even if you do believe it, two other sources put it substantially lower right below that first one.

you must not have read the tldr
>tldr: it's wrong because a lot of people say its wrong

>>A teenager is not a child lol
Changing the definition
Sexual conduct with a 1yearold ok?
5 year old?
10 year old?
13 year old?
By definition in the US anyone under the age of 18 is a child/minor. You might think that demarcation is wrong, but that is the current law.

>children orgasming is awful
seriously, dude

no, children cannot consent since they lack the knowledge to differentiate an natural relationship from a manipulative one.

Then it’s cont consent
A 6year old does not have the mental capacity to consent

I didn't change any definition, the subject was set at 14 year olds.

Yes, I agree with pretty much everything up until 13 year olds. At that point they know what they're doing.

Yes, I disagree with the demarcation, I understand legally what's considered a minor but knowing that I was fucking at 12 very willingly and consenting to it, its just retarded to me.

my argument doesn't take in account people's opinion, it is a fact backed from real sources you can easily read online.

there is a reason it is a crime and it isn't opinion, it is backed by psychology and research in the area.

>it doesn't seem like effective propaganda
Well they keep getting new recruits so clearly it's working. Everything is done with a recruitment angle, they crush a captured pilot's head with a rock because the bombs create debris that kill civilians like that. They make them wear orange jumpsuits because of the treatment of their people in black sites.

They make the videos only so people will share them and view them. Also I would say murder is generally the worst thing you can do to someone unless you genuinely believe they go to heaven after they get their head sawed off in the middle of the desert.

There's also people like the eastern european teenagers who murdered that guy with a hammer just to post it online, the canadian killer who wanted to be famous, cartel videos, etc

Anyone who says those aren't as bad as looking at a self shot image of a naked 15 year old is retarded.

i doubt a 6 year old would attempt to entice sexual behavior unless they had already experienced it in some form to begin with.this argument is pointless and you added in an arbitrary age number to swing the argument in your favor. there is also a very large difference between viewing a recording of something and doing that same act.

so the only thing wrong with it is some feminist consent theory faggotry. k.


ok pedo, hope you get what you deserve

What's the link so i can report it for you?

post link here and someone will do it for you