Birbs are cool

Birbs are cool.

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Well, hello newfriend.

i sPelL tHinGS wRonG beCaUsE IM cOoLbOi

What a fag

Cool reply dumbass nigger kys

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imagine passing that through your cloaca...

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no, nothing is cool

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12yr spotted

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That birds a G.

fapping to this

If banner is correct, moot also used period in his sentence about hating Australians.

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Aren't those things super dangerous?



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what a slut


cats feet

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Dirds are cool

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Resident evil

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Sbirb ear loco

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Burps rrrrr kewl

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Cassowary is the name of the species

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Heyy...he was behind of this...

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>be me
>have parrot sitting on my head
How long until he shits on head

anyone /emo/ here?

Bro love your videos

except for geese.

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Eagles don’t screech, that noise you’re thinking of is a hawk


you are an ass

that's funny, thx bro!
I know you are a bro, because women aren't funny.

i bet i can make one screech

thas a very serious birb

>would you fuck me?
>i'd fuck me

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