I want to fuck Gibi ASMR

I want to fuck Gibi ASMR.

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who doesn't

Hope it goes to plan, user.


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Good point.

Thanks user.

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Her husband is so cucked

Ben is a lucky guy.

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I’ve already seen all these rare Gina pics.

That’s encouraging.

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daisy > gibi

I’m totally down for some Gibi pic posting.

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That’s a respectable opinion. I’ll take both of them.

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Gibi’s blue-haired alter-ego.

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I'd rather fuck KittyKlaw, Simply Kel, Chlo, Goodnight Moon, Puffin, Sweetie, Diddly, Gina Carla, Cutebunny, Pelagea, ElleBelle, Nordic Whisper, Glow, Maple, Cosmic Tingles or Amouranth... but sure, Gibi is attractive too.

I'm pretty partial to seafoam kitten but good choices

Moon is top tier

Pelagea ASMR always makes me solid

I find Gibi more attractive than any of those ASMRtists.

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I don't think she's as hot as Gibi though

Get in line bud.

Just checked her out. Makes me feel like I'm getting ASMR from the mechanic in Firefly.

Gibi is definitely a hottie.

I’ve been waiting in this queue for three years.

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Dont, the smell will ruin the sound. Just be happy with what you have from her for now.
Either that, or combine her ASMR with a girl that actually smells great.

Yes, for the german ASMR please

lmao I can see that. her and fallenshadow (just audios) are my favorites.

I bet Gibi smells like roses.

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