How accurate is this...

How accurate is this? I get that everyone wants everyone to be useful in society so we can grow as an economy but who cares what you accomplish or don't accomplish in your life?

>First kiss (at 16)
>First full time job (at 19 I got fired after a month lol)
>Pass driving test (at 16)
>First Holiday with friends (at 18 but it was Spring Break and Summer of the same year)
>Buy first car
>Move out (attending college)
>Buy a brand new car (it was my first car and paid off with my parent's money)

I'm 19 years old now so how do I stack up against "the real world" and what have you accomplished?

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>pass driving test AFTER first full time job
Image is complete garbage. This is all the evidence you should need to throw it out entirely.

>kid at 28
Sure if you want a autismo

That is bullshit, if you own a house as late as 27 years old you’re doing something wrong.
You should be able to buy a house by 23-24 BEFORE ever renting a place.

Wow where in the western world is that progression of life feasible anymore unless you are at least upper-middle class and white
Seems to me that for the average Joe to enjoy life not really possible

Ok boomer

Well unless you let your parents pay for it you'll need a summer job beforehand
Today the age to have first kids is easily early to mid 30s already so we gonna see a lot of retards soon

It's garbage propaganda designed to keep you constantly in debt.
Oh, no fucking wonder, "amigo loans."

Ah the potato harvest...

taking the bait just so you could have a (You) now gtfo

>First Child at 29
>Second Child at 31
Sure if you want to vibe check two children for having more chromosomes than they can count on their 15 fingers.

Nea just retire at 20 with a shotgun to the skull

It’s not bait.
If you work from 16 years sold and save up all the money you have (provided you have parents to support you), you should have enough for a deposit to get a mortgage and rent it out while working to cover the mortgage payments.

maybe i'm "privileged" but i don't understand how people get into debt.
like, maybe if you have some emergency come up, like you get diagnosed with cancer or hospitalized after a wreck. fair enough, that sucks, and you get rewarded with debt.
>the average household carries $16,061 in credit card debt
how does that happen? what do people spend money on?

16 years old

>In this economy
Ok boomer

many people shoot themselves in the foot by buying a house prematurely. property can be a wise investment, but if you're not squared away in a career, and expect to live 10-20 years in the same place it's going to take a long time to break even on that investment, compared to just renting.

Seems to me like a blueprint for how to be a normie. Only a mega normie would even care about failing to achieve anything on there.

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That sounds absolutely tragic to follow this as a guide to life. Like holy fuck shoot me if I make just over 40k and become a store manager as a life goal.

ok boomer

>If you work from 16 years sold and save up all the money you have
Yadda yadda there are things like schoolwork, university, social life etc. I do not believe most people are looking to be machines in their mid teens already. Or be a burned out wreck at 30 due to all your commitments having taken you 12-15 hours a day for the past 15 years leaving time for little else. Bottom line is unless you have a six figure making family, become very successful as in the top 100 in the world at what you do or get extremely lucky, like writing the next bestseller or the right invention at the right time you will not be owning real estate in your mid 20s. Unless you are content to live in buttfuck nowhere, Eastern Europe, where you maybe could afford a place

that explains everything.

>become a store manager as a life goal.
But think of all the Karens you could meet

>Buttfuck Nowhere, Eastern Europe
How dare you, my nan lives there.

Says her neighbours are loveley, shame that they live 50 miles away.

>How dare you
Calm down grandpa

Didn't notice, which makes me wonder is this like the UK average? Bullcrap where in London could you afford a flat of your own at that age? Glasgow maybe but yeah I'd stay away from there

Its pretty accurate. Not all correct but the basics are there. Dont have a kid before marriage is true. But dont ever buy a new car. Bad financial decision.

>I'd like to speak to your manager

Fool I AM the manager!

stopped reading at:
first full time job at 19
passed driving time at 20

That’s just Europe.
Note their income thing too, all the way down “start earning 40k a year”
Shiet, I know in many places the cost of living and income levels are lower, but I think the average in the US for a full time non entry level job is like 55k usd a year? And that’s not that impressive compared to some careers anyone can get into.
Truck drivers out here can make 60-70k a year within 2-3 years of experience.

Forget about the real world. We live in a fictional reality. The truth is, were all just fucking apes. The world economy is a bubble, and since you’re young you will see the inevitable major global economic collapse that awaits us. Until then, do what you can to secure your place. Do not worry about “contributing” and “morals”. As long as you don’t break the law it doesn’t matter. Do what you got to do. Also, one more thing. Train Muay Thai. Jiu Jitsu as well. If you have balls move on to Burmese Bareknuckle Boxing. Kung Fu for weapons training if you care. Peace.

>As long as you don’t break the law it doesn’t matter.
It doesn't matter if you do, how many rich assholes got their wealth 100% honestly do you think? I can also use some shadier means if it means some extra bucks, world is in the shitter anyway

Milestones, first of all everyone has their own image of how their life should be, and the ones around them, society, judges them based on “success” that they perceive. If you do not want to have children, don’t want to get married but have a yacht your own business and get to bang girls at prestigious party’s for which they charge you 1-2 k a night, you get to take multiple spontaneous vacations to random places to meet with long time buddies from college, then that’s you, that’s you living life the way you want to. You want to retire by 40 with a good steady paycheck because you joined the military, collect them while living in some cheap exotic place where you can bang and buy women like property, you want to settle down and share a mortgage with a sweetheart and have a few kids. You define your success, there is a little voice in your head, the dopamine, the drive that lives inside you, if you feel happy then you are happy, if you feel successful then you are successful, you define how your life goes not some chart however... yes first car steady job and moving out of ya mamas place happens before you turn 21. You work you get higher education you see where your interests take you. You make your future bud, all it takes is strength.

*Don't forget the Asians & Jewish families that out earn the upper middle class whites you speak of.

I was 34 before I could afford to buy my first house, luckily I now have just over $120,000 in combined debt for my house and car loan, with no other debt.
*I live in Australia where the average house is over $500,000.

the problem is if you are earning 60-70k as a truck driver and you are doing interstate, if you have a woman she will start getting angry that you are not around and spend all your money on shit you don't need and put you in massive debt, all leading to her divorcing you and you losing more than half of your shit.
Females are financial poison.