Ever eaten your cum user?

ever eaten your cum user?

what's it like? would you recommend? how did you push yourself to do it?

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Yes. Tastes good. First my own out of curiosity, then bfs.

Well, if you listen to Jesus Hotep, the nigger who really believes in "we wuz Kangz" He says that cum is equivalent to a steak dinner in nutrients. Too bad all the information I found disproves that

green text?

Tastes like salty mop water unless you eat tons of fruit and the mouthfeel leaves much to be desired.

clean my girl out regularly. It doesn't taste bad, if you arent into it you wont enjoy it though. I only like it when she forces me to. Post nut clarity makes it hard to do it without her sitting on my face and then its awesome.

yeah doesn't taste strong but I'm really unhealthy so it's not exactly delicious
I think the issue is once I cum my sex drive is gone for a bit so I'm not as eager to swallow anything, whereas if I was sucking someone's dick I'd still be horny and would enjoy it much more

This nigga retarded even by Sup Forums standards

so you're saying cum actually is nutritious?

yeah. its meh. doesn't taste too terrible, but not good either. i could swallow it if i had to.

the taste aint all that bad, its more the texture thats fucking nasty imo

Usually get super horny and nut in a jar or condom and save for the next fap to swish it around and swallow it before i nut, i gag after sometimes i dont like how it tastes just super duper horny

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i tried it because i wanted to know if its really that bad.

i come to terms that girls who dont swallow because ,,it doesnt taste good,, are huge fucking pussys.

Never by itself. But I've gone down on my gf after nutting inside her.

i eat well and stay hydrated. doesn't taste bad. little sweet, fairly salty with a base note i don't really know how to describe. texture feels like when you're really sick and all the snot in your nose becomes a loogie at the back of your throat out of nowhere. would only ever eat my own though, not some other fag's.

only ever eaten it after giving myself a facial, and it's not bad. not an incredible, life-changing sense of euphoria or whatever but i would recommend trying it

and i thought i was the only retard on earth to give myself a facial. but yes its kinda hot ngl

self facials are great! more people should try them out honestly

i love giving myself a facial. mouth open, knees above head, and let it rip. love how warm it feels. gotta be sure to wash your face real well though, shit causes mad pimples if you let those little swimmers stay in your pores.

I eat like shit and its tasted like hand sanitizer in a way,would recommend if youre curious though.

I eat hand sanitizer and it tasted like shit in a way,would not recommend even if you're curious.

I tried twice because I get overly kinky when horny, but falied both times.

The first time I basically gave myself a facial, then once i had nutted i hd the post-nut clarity and didnt wanna eat it.

The second time i shot it straight down my throat so i guess that was technically a success, but i didnt even get to taste it.

I eat my cum literally every time. Its not kinky or sexual I just can't be bothered with clean up.

Yea a bunch of times. Sometimes I put my back up against the wall and jack off into my mouth / on my face. I also really enjoy nutting in my wife then immediately going down on her.

grand master Chris Chan called it recycling.

Cum cubes

Wife snowballed me a couple of times (when off our fucken faces on ecstasy), was pretty hot. Probably wouldn’t be able to do it straight though, immediately lose interest in anything sexual post nut.

Blew a dude when I was younger and let him cum in my mouth. That was way better, couldn’t do it again though. Not attracted to guys. Sure liked sucking his cock though. Sexuality is some weird shit.

Moral of the story: yeah but never again.

yes I lick it from a pussy where i came in while she's cummin again in my mouth. kinda nasty.

Only in the right mood, post-nut clarity usually makes me not want to do it tho

I do the same to my wife but it's not forced for me. The idea of me cleaning her out or her snowballing me turns me on more. A lot of times I'll clean her out and then fuck her again.

I want to eat your fking psyyy

That's why you have to ruin an orgasm on the first round. Not too ruined, just enough to dribble out most of your load and stay horny.

Nutted in my own mouth back when I was flexible enough to auto