Rules are simple
4 teams:

Roll by writing "X team kills Y team":
>ends in 0: 1 square
>dubs: 3 squares
>trips: 5 squares
>quads or more: 8 squares
>ends in 404: fatality
>suicide isn’t allowed

Ready? Steady? Go!

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blue team kills yellow team

neets kill trannies

Weebs attack trannies

nazis kill trannies


niggers kill trannies

Red team kills blue team


nazis kill trannies again

niggers kill weebs

Weebs attack trans pride parades

nazis kill trannies reroll



lol, no luck today

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roll roll roll your die

nigger kill all the neets

luck was used in the death star thread
neets kill nazis

niggas kill nazis

pew pew pew
pew pew pew
pew pew pew

there is the first 0

so one square for the nazis

nazis kill more niggas

Red team kills Blue team

blue team kill yellow team


weebs attack evil trans pipol

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green x yellow

next one
blue x red

red x green

green x blue

trannies kill nazis

Trannies kill niggers

trannies kill niggas

Aw shit, dawg
Weebs counterattack trannies

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nazis kill trannies

nazis employ neets


weebs kill trannies

Nazi kills Trannies

Green kills blue

nazis kill trannies again

blue x green

nazis shred trannies

trannies fuck niggas

weebs chop off trannies' dicks with their katanas

niggas kill nazis

nazis eat weebs


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weebs fuck trannies

Weebs kill Nazis, rolling for 404

niggas x trannies

Weebs kill Nazis, rolling for 404¡

nazis x niggas

nazis x weebs

Weebs kill Nazis, rolling for 404¡¡

nazis x niggas again

nazis x trannies

niggas fuck trannies

weebs attack negros

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trannies kill weebs

red x green

red x yellow

yellow kill blue

weebs love nazis (to death)

red conquers green

green rolls over blue

weebs throw pissjugs at niggers

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blue x yellow

when are the tribes coming back

Nazi team kills trannies team

green wants half of his color back and attacks blue

what a waste ....

red x green

yellow x red

yellow throws piss jugs at blue

blue smothers green

Weebs throw Japanese star-like metal weapons at niggers

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red runs over yellow

yellow tries so do a backflip and lands on green ...
green is dead

red tripping and killing blue in the process

>be me
>be primary color
>used in game
>be most prominent color (am red)
>want to be social and try to talk to qt3.14 yellow
>find out qt is trannie
>commence killing

weebs attack the hood


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damn .. yellows arent trannies

in short
red x yellow

reroll for trips

reroll for 'em trips

green goes for blue

red goes for yellow

red x green

blue x yellow

yellow kills green

weebs attack niggers

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red goes for green

yellow goes for green

red kill yellow

reroll for trips

red x green again

trips lol

red x green

dang it

weebs counterattack, killing Goebbels in hte process

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green runs over blue



red counter attacks too and sends out panzer IV

Nazis attacks weebs