I want to meet a desperate, barely passable trap/cd and take him out to dinner...

I want to meet a desperate, barely passable trap/cd and take him out to dinner. There I will then take him home and become his bf. I will then ask him to to progressively kinkier sex stunts until he allows bondage. I will then rape him as fast and hard as possible until I cum inside of him, and then start slowly cutting into his flesh with a knife. Make thousands of tiny lacerations and then leave him in great pain to slowly succumb to either infection or dehydration.

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Yeah that's great, do you have a recipe for the stew in the picture?




come to holland
dutch families eat boiled potatoes + cooked vegatable + pork or beef 5 days in the week, on fridays they eat fried potatoes instead and one day for pasta or if theyre feeling adventurous rice


Doesn't sound that bad

so white people food? the horror

That honestly sounds good, normal white food is incredibly underrated

Where were you in the past 48 hours?

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Doing ya mom

that's cool and all but can we talk about how weak that mince n taties looks

We have your semen all over the victims anal canal and your fingerprints on the gimp suit he was wearing buddy. Start talking.

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So you’re a nigger?

lol i came here for the pic of food too.

Incel you are

Just look up mince and taties

it's just 'i wanna fuck a trap' thread, back to back - there must be a whole team of degenerate jews in on this....

>disgusting britbong cuisine

Spanish, Mediterranean mater race

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Amerifat here I just walked up the stairs for the past 10 minutes, that's 5 stairs for those of you still using metric, and sat down to shit when I saw what I thought was a light snack only to discover it was a whole meal for you people, now I understand why you're always so cranky

Mince and tatties is absolutely based. And I came here just to post that.
Looks alright but I prefer a chunkier mince and is that boiled potatoes. Gross. Got to be mash.

Our food really isn't bland like the world thinks. That's a rich meaty gravy and should be with buttery mash. It's comforting food for our miserable weather. No spices doesn't = bland

It's basically just beef mince and onion, fried. Add a bit of gravy granules and salt.

Well that sounds fucking dire. Don't do this method find a real one.


who the fuck puts stew on a plate?

potatoes could use some seasoning but the stew doesn't look half bad

HP sauce is good tho. I buy it all the time in the US

Is your mom a niggerfucker?

Worcester sauce is a good "secret" ingredient, and add some corn flour to thicken it up. Cook for at least 90 mins to let it reduce down and become really tender. Chuck a stock cube in there too.

lmao this

god bless worchester

I'm sorry, what backward traditionalist community in the Netherlands are you from? Urk?

I can tell you that's not how I eat.