Anyone ever had their Gf/wife at a glory hole? Experiences, stories, advice...

Anyone ever had their Gf/wife at a glory hole? Experiences, stories, advice? Possibly gonna have the gf be a cock whore for awhile. Condoms only, obviously. Anyone done this? Pic unrelated

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my sister did a glory hole thing at her highschool

No way? Story time

My wife and I used to frequent adult stores that had glory holes but due to having kids and our schedules being hectic I ended up getting a portable gloryhole sheet, it attaches to a door frame so we can do it at home.

That’s probably what we’d do since we don’t really have any near us that we know of. And we can have more control over what’s happening and who. How do you find guys to come? Do you watch or fuck her too?

her freshman year her boyfriend pressured her into giving him a blowjob in the boys bathroom, a few of his friends snuck in and laid down naked with their dicks underneath the door, she wanted to leave at the point but her boyfriend pressured her into staying and giving everyone Blowjobs and it essentially turned into a gang bang, it was about 5 guys and most of them seniors.
The experience was traumitising and turned her into a slut
We found out about it because the school uncovered she kept giving blowjobs for money in the locker room

God damn that’s hot. Is your sister sexy?

More pics of her?

the one in white

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Holy shit I’d give my left nut to fuck her mouth

all of this was semi believable right up until you posted this pic

don't blame you
how? im serious

>how? im serious

Serious about role play. You can stop jerking off now.

i can prove it, ill go find that outfit right now

that aint your wife lol its an LI slut

mine was only group fingered

Please do!

I clearly stated pic unrelated.
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Have went twice one experience was great she loved it she blew 6 guys and then the second time our booth wouldnt lock and guys kept coming in jerking watching her and it made her super uncomfortable i really wanna go back tho so hot seeing her like that

Nice. Yeah I could see her being uncomfortable with that too lol especially as a second time.

Yeah and being at it was mostly truckers there she felt a lot better only seeing there dicks rather then seeing the rest of them lol

How does one find out about Gloryholes in their area (asking for a friend)

Easiest I've found is by using a site called squirt org. It's a list of gay cruising locations many of which have booths with holes. The descriptions usually say if women are welcome, and these usually tend to be the full theater room with peep booths type places. I've found a couple in our state that way and my fwb freak and I have gone several times. Been working on her to let me take pics/vid but she's leery.
Anyway, that's how we found them. Good luck, user.

>condons only
Put a condon on a shotgun and you can both suckstart that, dweeb