Pewds here ask me anything

Pewds here ask me anything

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What did it feel like getting your first million subs??
I am a big fan btw

How long do you expect to remain relevant? You’ve already been around way longer than I ever expected.

how do you do?

Who are you and why are you relevant?

timestamp and sharpie in pooper
or gtfo

I need to see marzia full frontal nude for proof. Timestamp plus, but old photo you've got will do. Cmon Felix don't let a bro down, let me see that sweet Italian pussy

show proof faggot

what is marzias sweet pussy like? i have spilled buckets to her but need to hear from the man that spills his buckets inside of her.

>only the real pewds would make such an obvious fake

Dubs . Got to do it now Mr. Kjellberg



That's mr marzia for you :^)

How does it feel knowing that there are anons here who will fail no nut november thinking about your wife?

I cum so hard in her ass

>italian girl
>taking it up the pooper
Nice fake, you are not felix, kys

how would you know, nigger

Hey, it's the nigger guy

Not him, but I'm italian. And yes, getting their asses it's really REALLY a rare thing. Every male here knows. The older they are, the harder it is. And if they're from the south, it's downright impossible, no matter the age. It's a cultural thing, I think. I blame the vatican.

the kill all jews guy.
After the few years, I gotta say I bet pewds would've totally felt at home in pre-2010 Sup Forums.

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I wish he would've stayed that way. At least then he would still be relevant instead of the soulless sjw he's become for cash.

Y r u gay

shut up nigger

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Felix kom hem till Göteborg!