Time for a beast thread?

Time for a beast thread?

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Bump for mares/bitches

Very well show what you have user

pumping and blowing inside bitch/mare/sow pussy is the best feeling

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never enough of these

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Oh god yes

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any calf bjs? just imagine


Oh it's out there, but not as easy to find as it has been in the past. And I envy any man who has gotten some.



user, a wizard has cursed you so you wake up having bern transformed into a horse's cock. Not a horse, just it's arm-length meat rod meant for breeding. You're fully sentient, all your memories intact, yet now you serve the stallion, filling with blood to make you throbbing and hard, penetrating set mare pussies to shoot your seed and fertilize their wombs. This is your entire life now. Are you upset?

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No cock unless it's inside a girl

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Fuck that show the cocks some love to especially if cumming

Sick Fucks

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I'm surprised how hard it is to find. Seems like all you have to do is shove your dick in their face and they'll suck you dry.

shoulda said so in the original post, behold horse cock

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I wish I could spend a whole night worshipping horse dick

Anybody have guys fucking mares?

I love the look of human cock going in horse pussy