Trap thread

trap thread

Feet edition

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nice socks

To the idiot who said i was “coping”

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Someone asked me to show black nail polish, I haven't painted my tosies yet!

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Go go go

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lets go further

what size might this be?

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its 38 eur :O

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>feet edition

time to make a better trap thread

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please do

cute little feets

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Can we offer requests

Feet uwu

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Feet, dummy.

waiting for those scrunch and toe wiggle vids

Is it problematic that I like trans women so much more than cis women?
They're just so much more attractive to me

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Yeah, my idiot head misread the title.

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Still? Thought he stopped.

So you ain't ginger live.

Do you take requests

Not if they look like that. You handle that dong though?


He posts on twitter from time to time.

Its coming :)

What's the request?

Spread your anus

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sock removal too, while flipping the camera off

I want to chat to some hot traps or even a sexy tranny send nudes to kik nabrah89

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Can you lube it

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how do you want it lubed?

Everywhere, dick, ass, and anus

I have some baby oil. Will lather myself up.

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Will be waiting


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I’d beg just to suck your perfect toes

I want to see it full of cum my cum

Just imagining how it looks all shiny


I bottom only. Prefer to get fucked and bred.

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God your so fucking sexy and I’d love to bred that perfect ass as I kiss and suck your toes gorgeous

I need a cute gf like this

Just your luck I exclusively take it in the ass. Like....obsessively.

Can you show us

I've got some pics, will post from my phone.

Better still, if you're NYC based...come over and show me who's boss.

my feet

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Well I have a very high sex drive and I’d love to work that perfect ass out as much as you’d let me maybe cum on your toes every once in awhile

Nice :)

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I’m drooling

I promise I'm painting my nails soon

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Hnnng, are you trying to make me lose no nut November?

did pink win?

What a shitty thread all of these feet pics suck. Haven't saved a single one.


Black won :(

yeah, nonfootfags really dont seem to know what makes a good pic

pink tip on one for me :I

Tell us what would maybe we can indulge?

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I only has black :'(

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Knee high socks obviously.

Lemme see face or cock before I beat it

I think I have some decent foot content

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this is a good start. anything with full soles. ass and feet included in same pic. ass sitting on feet with soles showing.

a blurry picture of just toes is like a blurry picture of a nipple, it's not really that good.

soz plox

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I’d drench theses feet in cum

Has Ginger done any color.
I think most have been with no paint.



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Y’all footfags wonder why people think you’re annoying? Jesus Christ

dude i met wants me to turn him into a sissy. is there a guide for it? or do you just like treat him like an object? legit thinking about it and no i dont think he would pass, then again, hair removal does wonders

feet and booty

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Fuck yes.

Twitter @gingersnapuu
Yeah I haven't taken any pictures with my nails painted ^^;

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I want to suck your cock & eat your ass while I stroke then cum on your feet

More scrunch

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Can I suck toes please UwU

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would be a good twitter post/poll

more new screenshots from your paid vids to entice anons to pay for it?

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Alright this thread is a wash, see ya in the next one

>feet edition
>no feet showing
>let's wrap our lips around her bulbous, fleshy...toes?

You're doing it wrong x4

I swear we'll never need women again

I wanna fuck that asshole so bad

Oh my God moar PLEASE

I don't my followers care that much about my feet but I have been waiting to do something more feet related for twitter
I'll make some gifs
How's that?

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why not webms? more resolution/detail...
any self foot worship stuff?

Daily reminder that discord porn bots exist. Pic related.

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Cause for that I still have to convert them into webms and sometimes I have do it repeatedly until I get it below 2 mb lol gifs are quick and easy

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