Can someone give me bullet points of evidence on why they think 9/11 was the government...

Can someone give me bullet points of evidence on why they think 9/11 was the government? I believe it was an inside job after looking into it for years but I’m not good at remembering off the top of my head and I’m trying to just reason with my friend who is calling me crazy and horrible.

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I don’t think it was the government. I think it was Israel. Search “dancing Israelis”. We’ve been fighting Jewish wars for years.

No one believes the governments version of events

Your friend is larping


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Nigga our government is the jews

I used to be just like your friend. You have to prove to him our government gives no fucks. For example we have Mexico falling to murderous drug lords in our backyard. Instead of handling that, we are where? In a fucking desert wasteland shooting goat fuckers.

I literally tried talking some sense into him earlier. I told him to take a stroll on bestgore and liveleak to see what really happens in the world, real news. I’m afraid he is too far gone.


-jet fuel is not hot enough to structurally damage steel framed buildings and yet these two buildings fell in almost a perfect demo style.
-not only did these buildings get destroyed but multiple other steel frames buildings they hardly mentioned if at all mentioned were also completely destroyed including a known government building used for military purposes some say black ops
-claim no explosives on the planes but testing done at the crash sites show exact matches for US military high explosives
-crash sights at pentagon and the flight where the passengers fought back and crashed into the field had almost no wreckage
-the list goes on and on do a quick google search you’ll find more

It’s like that at first. Thankfully I had a persistent friend at work that kept hitting me little by little with black pills until I finally realized what was going on. There’s so few of us because of how scary it is to accept the truth and step away from the “perfect world” we are brainwashed to believe we live in. If this guy is truly your friend, it’s worth trying.

ITT: Idiots

Literally just ask your friend to explain building 7 lol. Not even the 9/11 commission or a recent investigation can.

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It wasn't the government, it was just a insurance scam

9/11 was done by the jews to get us to go to the desert and go to war for them. it is easy to see, just watch the news of that day, within an hour netenyahu was saying it was the browns, go fuck them etc, that's not how reality works :) very VERY sloppy of them. but those where old times.

our presidents have been controlled via mainly threat of death via Israel and our govt/billionair/mossad etc etc blah blah. for many many years. they also use tactics like sexual blackmail, usually both im guessing where applicable.

jfk thought he was king of the world and yada yada and would not listen to the jews, that his big boy cia would protect him and that he could change things.....a simple reminder really.

9/11 was possibly also a reminder but I doubt it, but it would have been a great opportunity to kill 2 birds one stone had it been an opportunity given to them by him.

the housing crash? what was that? oh yes, just sheering the sheep, fleecing the wool, getting out all the old money into their pockets.....BUT NOT ONLY steal and consolidate the banks under their name.

the list goes on and on and on. they have this stupid ass idea, probably half of them, that the more bad they do the quicker god will come. the other half, love the fact that they can make the other 50% believe that, because even tho they think its a load of horse crap and they only pretend to be religious, how great it is for crooks to be able to hide their greed and evil by simply also falling under the guise of religion.

the jews are just a very rat like disgusting creature, they don't think reasonably or have morals, they are very good at manipulating and surviving however, its simply how they evolved, they came from the Neanderthals, where cromagnon, the whites and to some extent some other races, even blacks, where given (mainly the whites) the gift of empathy, from an alien, the thing people refer to as god. and in my opinion it was because his civilization was dieing.

so, to continue, jesus likely gave it to the cromagnon, possibly even planted them to begain with, because he thought empathy was probably what lacked in his species which caused them to die out. he also likely died, or suicided, being an advanced alien species. why wouldn't you want to, when your entire race has died.

now believe all the last bits if u want, they are just thoughts of mine, but the ones about jews are pretty fact and not just thoughts of mine, they are things you will learn given you spend tens of thousands of hours researching all facets of life, history, philosophy, politics, religion, conspiracys etc.

Your friend is right, you are crazy and horrible.

greatest war the jews ever fought was to trick the white man into fighting the white man.

jews tricked Russians and americans into defeating the germans who where actually doing the right thing in reguards the jew.

the white man lost the war, despite being all the major players. funny huh. you can see it all around you.

Building 7 collapsing is probably the best piece of evidence that it was an inside job, no plane hit it and yet it collapsed exactly like a controlled demolition. Look up the video of building 7’s collapse. Also, the main towers themselves were not damaged enough by the planes to destroy 70-80 plus stories below them that were structurally intact and suffered no crash damage.

Also Israelis were filming the event the whole time and dancing when it collapsed

jews need America to fight their racist wars against brown farmers because for one, they are weak and would lose and 2 are cowards, its in their nature, they are cunning but lack most human traits, its simple evolution, they evolved from a different type of genetics. even more different from blacks to whites, which while closer, are still more different than a lion is to a tiger. funny huh, a tiger is genetically closer to a lion than a white is to a black, and jews even less so to whites.

if blacks are monkeys, jews are literal rats. they do not think like us, they are shitty evil things and its not even their fault.

wrong, its a good one, but you don't need evidence to see that it was a ploy by Israel to get us to fight their "enemys" aka brown people.

not only is there not 1 piece of evidence, but all the world of blatant facts.

but yes, a jew on the inside did make a few billion dollars out of our pockets from their little scheme.

You don’t need to have jet fuel get hot enough to do anything, the heat of fuel was not the only variable in compromising the structural integrity. Your entire life is a misguided fallacy, reset and try again

there where planes, our govt was blackmailed, those not in on it, to let it happen, there where jews that placed thermite.

all of you people are literal iq 100 troglodytes.

I live in a world of shit.

none of that changes the fact that it was Israel, the billionaires, and that they control our fucking govt.

infact, I will say the most important part here.

talking about shit like this, is the exact problem.....

"why did 9/11 happen, how, who to blame" it was "blah blah"

mother fucker, that's how you know they are winning. its what they want. we are asleep and dumb.

what we should really be doing is shoveling all these bad things under the rug, not giving a fuck, and saying "HAY, WHY THE FUCK ARE JEWS FUCKING US LEFT AND RIGHT AND HOW THE FUCK ARE WE LETTING THEM CONTROL EVERYTHING"

and kill these shitty evil rats that are not even the same race as us.

I believe the government knew about it but just decided not to do anything about it as an excuse for their agendas.

but lets just all sit here, watch as they steal the wealth build from thousands of years through inflation, so that to us, they are gods.

just wait for the next housing crash, well, they don't even need those at this point, but will probably still happen, in their nature lol.

seriously, think about it, your grandparents worked their entire lives, bought houses, saved money.

what happens to that wealth when what they worked for becomes 2x as expensive each 20 years.

where does it go? I think you can guess.

this will never change, you will never have a family legacy, well, maby .001% will. but by then, I don't think we will be on this planet, or existing as a species.

infact, I doubt this species will last too much longer at all, we, they, are very close to many means of technology.

There was a decent 20 something minute video I saw some years ago narrated by a guy who had a weird, monotone voice, but I can't find it anymore. Maybe other anons know what I'm talking about.

You say the problem is talking about this topic. If the populous believed that the Jews did 9/11, wouldn’t that lead the people to the question you want asked? That question being “why the fuck are Jews fucking us left and right and how the fuck are we letting them control everything”

look up:
Fifty Years of the Deep State by Mark Gorton

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I will honestly not even be very sad, this species going extinct, the majority of people are way too dumb and also too greedy to learn or care or do anything about any of it.

game of thrones and pussy, all the way to the drones or virus. good night boys, least it will be, sometime fairly soon. they will fuck it up, or atleast, 95% of us up. hopefully them too :)

seriously tho, have any of you even spent hundreds of hours giving a shit? let alone thousands or tens of thousands learning things?

because as it stands, just because you learn all the truths, doesn't mean you will be the man to have the mind of thoughts to do anything about it, not while you are a needle in a hay stack anyhow.

johnny gat's older and more popular videos are good. ryan dawson, if you find the actual videos and not just them shilling for sheckles on live streams talking about current events.

both will show you 90% of the truth, with some mistakes as well.

I’ve had trouble recently finding 9/11 videos on YouTube that aren’t from mainstream media. I remember watching tons of actual footage from people on the ground that uploaded when YouTube came out when I was a kid. Can’t find that stuff anymore.

all you have to know is, yes there where muslims on the plane, no that doesn't mean it was al Qaeda, yes there where planes, be real, SERIOUSLY, BE REAL, WHAT THE FUCK. yes there was bombs or blasts or thermite whatever.

yes our pentagon stood down, huge proof of anything right there, are you fucking kidding me?

yes Israel was on all the news channels spamming it was osama and fuck brown farmers literally while the planes where still crashing. yep, because that's how the world works, knowing things like that on the spot and not putting all the pieces together usually days or weeks after.

it was the fucking jews. just like a lot of this other shit.

they are your daddy, suck their peepee while you watch game of thrones and fuck your fat wife not giving a shit.

I’m fairly new to researching this, so no I don’t have thousands of hours in. However, helping like minded people get on the same level of understanding as you would be more beneficial than not. Granted, not every person is like minded but i’d say you have at least a few here to start.

now go to bed and be good little goys. go make daddy some sheckles tomorrow.

work your 50 hours for peanuts.

and don't worry, your government does everything for you, love them.

I don't mean to sound like a dick, just a drunk old construction worker :) tired of waiting for this species to die lol, atleast ours.

what a fucking clown world the god damn jew rats have made.

Dany dies by Jon, Bran becomes king, Jorah dies, lotta people die, Sansa’s A whore

>Building 7
Beel Steams

I heard Israelis are good dancers

It’s all good, I’m a construction worker too. I agree with you mostly, but I don’t want to just sit by and get steamrolled by the Jews.

one last damning piece of evidence I will give, that 9/11 is full of shit and that it was the jews.

imagine this, the world is a crazy and badass place, America, having an insane military and intelligence potential in the 2000's. LETS A BIG FAT FUCKING AIRLINER CRASH INTO THE GOD DAMN ARMS HEADQUARTERS OF THE GOD DAMN FUCKING PLANET!!!!!

seriously? that building, would be defended against jet fighters, missiles etc, infact, it wouldn't have to, but would have the potential to reguardless.



but here, have some game of thrones. everything is fine. and don't worry, your govt has your back and your living in the land of freedom!!

love ya but ima go to bed, despite probably figgurin out some of this shit, I just don't seem to have the ability to do much with it or help the world.

fuck it :) its possible this universe is something weird and maby it wont be so bad.

hay we got beer, and life aint too bad but humans could literally create heaven through technology, if we could survive that is....

biggest and most successful mafia the media never talked about, the police never chased down like dogs.

the jewish mafia.

wonder why our boys would eliminate all the rest but not these goys :)