America 2019-

America 2019-
Anger deflected into racial hatred for Blacks and Jews,
Religious warfare between Christianity and Islam,
Nativist fury against Latinx immigrants,

Blue vs Red, Right vs Left
Woman vs Man, Gay vs Straight
Rich vs Poor...a society dependent on the will of employers

Did I miss anything?

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We will try the ballot box first. If that will not effect our righteous purpose, the next and last resort is the cartridge box.

Bread, Meat, Rent, and Fuel! Their prices must come down!

All friends of humanity determined to resist monopolists and extortioners are invited to meet at Seattle City Hall tomorrow Friday at 4 p.m. to protest the State Government’s lawsuit filed against the result of the election as it pertains to the outcome of I-976, which was overwhelmingly favored by the citizenry. Let’s not stand by and allow tyranny to reign free as our government seeks to overturn our mandate. If they refuse to hear our voices, then so shall they feel our flame of freedom...

Who is consigned to the grave pit next?

Is it any wonder that God in his righteous anger has punished us by forcing us to drink the bitter cup of degradation when we withhold the rights from others because their skin is black or brown.

The division of society into the producing and the non-producing classes, and the fact of the unequal distribution of value between the two, introduces us at once another distinction—that of capital and labor...labor is now a commodity...Antagonism and opposition of interest has been introduced into the community; capital and labor stand opposed

Reject the myth of success being told to you by politicians and presidents

Electoral politics drain the energies of the resisters into the channels of the system

Political parties take positions, offer choices, obscure the fact that the political system itself and the wealthy classes and corporations it represents are responsible for the problems they are offering to solve

Next comes the war, the draft, the chance for death...

The assault will begin on political headquarters and then move to the homes of the wealthy. If we are not aggrieved next will be the Corporatocracy

Many will be given the rope, others thrown into the river to drown

It will be decisive to apply the torch to the will power and morale of the Corporatocracy, the Ruling class, and the wealthy

Shut up faggot. No one cares.

American soldiers fight for the privileges of an elite that won’t allow them membership into their club. I know this all too well having served as a Marine.

So why don’t you kill me? Peasant.

The psychology of patriotism, the lure of adventure, the aura of moral crusade created by President Trump along with Democratic and Republican politicians has worked effectively to dim class resentments against the wealthy and the Corporatocracy, and have turned the American working class against each other; nudging us towards a Civil War that will benefit only the leaders while the poor lie dying in the gutter with their guts spilled out crying out to God but he doesn’t have the answer. Resist the siren call of the elite, let them fight their own wars from now on. Enough working class blood has been lost with so little given in return

The legal system is shaped to the advantage of the wealthy and the Corporatocracy at the expense of the working class

>Anger deflected into racial hatred for Blacks and Jews,
Not really, Sup Forums in't as big as they think they are
>Religious warfare between Christianity and Islam
Islam isn't really a thing in America and isn't even expected to grow in America. Europe on the other hand...
>Blue vs Red, Right vs Left
Oxymoron, Blue and Red are both right-leaning neolibs
>Woman vs Man, Gay vs Straight
In your dreams incels
>Rich vs Poor...a society dependent on the will of employers
I bet you think "Monopoly" means "Company that's really big"

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I’m commenting on the racist language used proficiently on this site that is most directly at “niggers” and “kikes”.

There is a minority in this country that fear the rise of Sharia law and Islam. I don’t count myself amongst them. I was just making a political statement based upon what I’ve seen and heard.

I consider blue to be moderate Democrats and red to be moderate Republicans, whereas I consider the right and left to be the extremist aspect of both parties

I was drawing on the parallels of conflict between the WGTOW and MGTOW movements and the conflicts of the anti-LGBQT and Gay Pride.

I’m well aware of what a monopoly is (an entity that has complete control over a product or service within a particular industry usually it is utilities such as electricity or water, but it can also be communications such as cable and internet providers) how it has shaped the economic and class structure of our society. I went to UW Business School (top 10) and graduated Magna cum Laude. I don’t know everything but I know the basics such as monopolies.

I appreciate your response. It was fun conversing with you

Clever clip. I haven’t seen this film in awhile. I wonder if it is still on Netflix.

>There is a minority in this country that fear the rise of Sharia law and Islam.
>I was drawing on the parallels of conflict between the WGTOW and MGTOW movements and the conflicts of the anti-LGBQT and Gay Pride.
Yeah those are the kind of retards in moral panic mode, there's less of them than you think. Most Americans live by a "live and let live" attitude I think.
> but it can also be communications such as cable and internet providers
That's an interesting conversation to have actually, because I don't think media companies can really be considered a monopoly in the same sense as say, standard oil, as media companies don't actually manufacture computers or televisions. If they did then this conversation would be different. But they don't. It depends on wither or not you value the internet on the same level as electricity and water. I don't think anyone should. What do you think?

I agree with your first assertion that those issues are much ado about nothing. I wouldn’t know about them if not having visited this social media forum. I had to research the terms. I was more or less bringing to light the absurdity of the “staged conflict”.

As to your second point If we were having this conversation pre-2000’s then I would have a valid point that cable companies held geographical monopolies as consumers were given essentially only one choice due to the practice of cable companies establishing territorial dominance through the construction of infrastructure, it is somewhat similar to how Coke and Pepsi have established a dual-Monopoly in that they negotiate for territory (restaurants, sports facilities, etc) and provide equipment, services, and marketing as a means of locking in each customer by increasing the switching costs in addition to their implicit collusion as it pertains to pricing and promotions, and new equipment and products . In this case Coke is the leader and Pepsi is the follower. That is why you will never see them both on sale at the same time at a retailer. It’s illegal but they get away with it because there is no verbal agreement or paper trail. It is all conducted by market signaling.

To get back to my original point cable companies monopolistic powers have regressed as more consumers have switched to streaming, along with the broadcast networks starting their own streaming services. I believe cable is going to have to adapt to a streaming format, possibly a consolidation of all the streaming services into one bundled service. Where they still possess some monopolistic power is high speed internet service because there is usually only one good choice and you need it if you want to use streaming services or still use a laptop or desktop. If they realize the position they are in I don’t see how they couldn’t negotiate a deal to create a network of streaming services

Police clubs rose and fell. Woman and children ran screaming in all directions. Many of them trampled underfoot in the stampede for the gates. In the street bystanders were ridden down and mercilessly beaten by the officers.

-Where in the world?

The present system has enabled capitalists to make laws in their own interests to the injury and oppression of the workers. Albeit there have been major progresses made by certain corporations to improve the lives of their employees but in most cases these are higher-wage white collar companies whereas the blue collar working class workers still toil under the thumb of their corporate masters

>Anger deflected into racial hatred for Blacks and Jews
Not really, the majority of the country isn't racist, in fact, it's very small minority that is.

>Religious warfare between Christianity and Islam
Work with a christian guy and a muslim guy, both design and develop amazing tech, shit you probably use on your day to day.. in fact, this site uses our software.

>Nativist fury against Latinx immigrants
Again not an issue of the masses, every country is against illegal immigration. This is a dumb argument.

>Blue vs Red, Right vs Left
Meh, yin and yang, there is always a check and balance in any democracy. Most people just aren't "hardcore" leftist or rightist as this board or other autist sites might make you think.

>Woman vs Man, Gay vs Straight
This is also an issue for a small group of the populous and not a majority issue

>Rich vs Poor...a society dependent on the will of employers
We do live in a capitalist economy....

>Did I miss anything?
All the good stuff

Yea, the last 20 years.
Go to bed zoomer.

Capitalism (in its current stage) has prevented mankind from fulfilling their natural destinies, crushed ambition, shortened human life (in certain circumstances), destroyed morals, fostered crime, corrupted the political system, corrupted religion, shattered confidence, love and honor between people, and made life a selfish merciless struggle for existence in an unnatural and degrading competition for money...

I don’t think capitalism is beyond repair but it does need to be restructured to provide for freedom of equality and opportunity or it is doomed to crash and burn, and us along with it.

>it's very small minority that is

this minority is VERY LOUD though

On certain sites, sure. In the real world, not so much. Most of the VERY LOUD people are trolls, have to take that into account as well.

I’m actually an Gen-Xer. The smartest, coolest, and all around badasses of the recent generations. We raised and protected ourselves as the first generation with both parents working and no internet or nannies to watch over us. We are more self sufficient and clever than the zoomers or millennials who were over parented and given participation trophies for not pissing your pants, snowflakes.

That poem was a reflection of the experiences I have had on social media over the last few years. You are both right and wrong on this issue depending on how you wish to frame it. From a mainstream viewpoint racism isn’t very visible and seems to be a geographical issue. However if you delve deep into all the different social media platforms (not just mainstream) you will find that racism has gone underground and is flourishing in certain pockets of society and resurfaces in innocuous almost hard to detect manners. In the end you could argue that it is subjective and each person has their own experiences. However that would be discounting that there are groups of people in America that still experience a disproportionate amount of racism. Just because it doesn’t happen within your orbit doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I’m Jewish and work in a customer service industry where I get hit with an antisemetic remark a few times a month. Granted I don’t make a deal out of it because it’s to me it’s not worth it but it may be worth it to others.

As an American it is hard for me not to see the nativist fury against Latinx immigrants, legal or illegal. I see the hate espoused daily from politicians and citizens. The Wall is a symbol of this fear and hate that some harbor against Latinx immigrants. I’m for immigration reform but the current administration is going about it in a short-sighted and hateful manner that will render it ineffective and costly (they are already sawing through it). The next administration(s) are going to have to fix what could be a fairly simple and humane process that is quick and accurate while reducing the need to detain people down to detaining just the criminals. Also it would help to build a relationship with our border mates to build a better system while offsetting the cost. We have the technology, Mexico has the labor, and Canada has the infrastructure. Together I think we could develop a great immigration system.

We also brought some of the best music into the world.

And more prone to violence than most extremist groups. Plus you have to take into account certain government institutions and organizations that still have a culture of racism

Without a doubt. That was implied in my proclamation of our coolness. I like a lot of the new music but it doesn’t stand up to the Gen-X artists.