How does this make you feel?

How does this make you feel?

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Empty inside, but that's how everything makes me feel.

I mean, she works at McDonald's, so, no REAL loss.

Makes me feel like fast food employees shouldn't touch my food.


he got a point

we finally free yall

Makes me feel like I should get some chick to slobber on my knob...

Mc Donalds now does blow jobs! how much they cost and do i get to pick who gives them?

Jelly, tbh.

hungry for chicken nugger

The McDonalds uniform already lets you know she makes poor choices. The nigger dick is just the cherry on top of a shit sundae.

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Any white woman who would do this is fundamentally flawed. It's best that the world knows. No loss.

How much do they charge for blowjobs?

Something about nigger, etc, yeah, something whatever

hey she's just showing her support for #blacklivesmatter
stop being such a fucking bigot racist like omgahl

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aroused if anything

i sucked a black dude off this last sunday and his dick was smaller than mine
t. white male

Like I want a bj from her. She can suck dick

she's doing a mediocre job at best user

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As if you actually know.

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Feel bad that a young woman would debase herself to a monkey.

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Lucky guy

hoarney, nostalgic. my ex used to suck me off when i would drop her off or pick her up from her waitress job.

does this come with the number 3 large or is this extra
also no salt on the fries

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