The prairies are geeeeey

The prairies are geeeeey.

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I'll bump you.

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Just had a cold snap today, I am definitely not prepared for how bad its going to be this year

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Import overweight dogs to keep you warm.

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noo one ever is. getting real wisconsin outside. its either 50 or its 5. who knows....

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Men make me feel good

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plap plap plap

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Missouri weather is even more unpredictable, had a hailstorm in summer and 70's in mid winter one year
Overweight pets are super depressing to see

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>this DWEEB doesn't know the absolute power of a fat cat

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Post your butt.

But they are so snuggable.

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Hey dude, what's going on?

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Not much, I got back from work a little bit ago and I'm kinda thinking about going to sleep. Kinda horny too but I guess I am whenever I roll around gfur

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Gfur doesn't even turn me on anymore. I'm probably going to sleep soon too.

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I think I'm just horny in general right now

So I think I should call it a night

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Sleep well Charles

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possibly. get some crazy shit going on here too.

Already have a non-fat pet to snuggle
Nearly got caught in a tornado last year, the storm nearly took my car off the road

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I love horse butt

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Chill groups for people that wanna join

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The worst part of it is when suddenly the rain pours down what seems like 5x as fast and you can't see a thing through your windshields, had to roll down my windows to even see

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I really need to get laid

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You need more.

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worst is the downpour into freezing rain into frost. a literal half inch of ice on EVERYTHING.

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One is already enough, the cat is a little shit disturber
I remember one year everything got iced over twice in one winter. I gave up trying to drive home and just waited it out until the next day when it was warmer and less people were driving.

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very good idea. i ended up still having oto go to work in that fucking -50 degree crap. mcdonalds is a fucking sweatshop...

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>mfw so much degenerate art.

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that perfect presenting hole. hnnng

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Deplorable furfags gtfo


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How did you manage to work that day without killing the manager?

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im a very stubborn worker.

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Now post your twink butthole.

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>tfw no femboi doggie bf to tease in public and snuggle with and have drinks with and mercilessly force cum out of over and over until they can't think

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