Deepfake thread

Deepfake thread

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Interested in the results

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>post pic of girl with half of face covered
i dont think you know how deepfaking works....

You fucking idiot. Deep fake is illegal and all the programs are gone. There are no more deep fakes. And even if there were some programs left no one would risk going to jail to fake that gross girl

The best that my AI can do.

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Can you do the blonde senpai

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Would this one work?

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I'll buy a steam game for whoever does these. Just put your steam profile in the post and what game$40 limit

$40 Canadian not usd


this basically only works with bikini pics from straight on

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You serious?


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$40 steam game for anyone that does anything with these or this one. Just put your steam trade link with what game you want when you post it

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Bro shes looks like a tranny why would you even want her

have you tried asking her out?

Ok boomer

what do you want done?


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Idk anything. I just want to see her tits even if there not actually her tits.

Btw she has small tits so if anyone is doing it make them small

Uping the price to a $60 steam game of your choice. She has small tits. Jsut post the pic with your steam profile or trade link and tell me what game you want. $60 CAD limit


need a photo of her in a bikini, the app wont do anything with the photos you posted

I dont have any of her in a bikini. can you just take her face and put it on someone else

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is this possible

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kik me gsx99, I will do it

chanel needs to be naked

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Dont have kik

give me your gmail or something then

Not posting it here, you think im dumb or something?

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If anyone can do anything to this post I'll love you forever. She has small tits. Ill do anything i can buy you a $60 steam game

Is the right Danielle O from Jax/Atl?

If anyone could do the honours?

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Can some one attempt

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Is it possible

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If so, hit me up at fortheflwins @ mail.con

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Bump this slut