What does Sup Forums think of Better Call Saul?

What does Sup Forums think of Better Call Saul?

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It's good if you don't mind slow burns. I feel like most of the Breaking Bad audience are more inclined towards the Heisenberg/action scenes and disliked the WORDSWORDSWORDS of S4 and S5a.

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Can you direct the porn threads to their appropriate boards then?

>Can you direct the porn threads to their appropriate boards then?
No, but I can be the first to tell the OP's of said threads how fucking retarded they are.

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Trust me on this. Threads that would normally get a lot of replies go straight to page 10 if there are a poster or two discouraging the thread or the OP before it takes off. I've been on this site for 13 years and come back after a few hiatus' here and there.

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It's even better than Breaking Bad so far. Great show.

incredibly slow due to a failure on the part of the writer to produce enough story to meet the required amount of air time the show was reduced by multiple seasons and still had to be padded out to fill the reduced time.


Several old people died while watching it.

lets do another Kim Wexler on the phone montage then lets do it all over again same episode!

Stopped watching sometime in season two, around the time he made that commercial for seniors and his boss yelled at him. I realized I didn't care about any of the characters and I didn't care about anything that was happening. I generally like a slow burn but was remarkably slow without any payoffs.

Best TV show ever, better than Breaking Bad.

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He can't type but he's correct. I am still looking for the article that mentions how the show was originally slated for more seasons and was reduced by over three years running time. Even after that seasons where reduced by multiple episodes. Terry Gilliam couldn't come up with the amount of material he was originally paid for. The show is clearly padded out to the extreme. I for one was extremely disappointed.


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I like
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They did an amazing job with what they had

No they objectively did not.

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You have to see it as a prequel to what turn a con man into a guy trying to prove to his dickhead brother he wanted to be a decent man but pulled now to being that lawyer for cuntbags kinda story. Jimmy to saul. A normal man to shitbag.

I will never forget the meaning of the word chicanery, so it's cool in my book.

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Im hyped as fuck, i stopped watching in season 2 when it was airing. But i caught up recently and im glad I did, the show really picks up in season 3 and 4

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Shitshow I don't watch. The worst of breaking bad.

They could have made breaking bad good instead

Its really good but I can't really enjoy it knowing that he is slowly turning into a "criminal" lawyer and everything he does on the show is for nothing because you know his destination. I gave up on s2 if I'm not mistaken and I think it would be a really good series if it had no ties to Breaking bad

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Definitely the best show on AMC and the only television show I am looking forward to. Creative, funny. It's not as intense as Breaking Bad but it makes up for it in charm and it's killer plot. Saul Goodman was a great character in BB but now that we know the context to his character, who he was trying to be before and ultimately what turned him to his life of crime there's just so much more to enjoy from him. Looking forward to this next season hopefully it will wrap things up as we just barely crossed the gap between Jimmy McGill becoming Saul Goodman. My favorite thing about this show is the nuance: Was Saul always a scumbag, or did he become that way because nobody gave him a chance to become great because of his youth. If you liked BB fucking watch this show it's great and especially if you liked the little details from BB like the perfect foreshadowing, cinematography, etc.

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I like having the context to how he got there. I mean sure we know the ending but the story and character relationships we get from this show are top notch. I guess you're the kind of person who avoids spoilers at all cost cuz it ruins the story for you?

Alot of things have been more refined, like the humor but I don't think that makes it better than BB.

I genuinely love this show. I wish they'd put season 4 on Netflix :/

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Believe it or not it's on fucking netflix but you need a VPN to switch to a European server to watch it.
I say fuck that and that's why I watched it on 123

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i like this show but if you want a truly masterful slow-burn show, you should watch The Americans

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Yes the story and main characters are absolutely great specially the blonde and the big time lawyer but if i know where he is goign to end up and multiple episodes ends on cliffhangers like breakining bad then I really dont see the point. Other shows do a better job at relationships like the sopranos without knowing where is everyone going to end up so if the creator of the series just did a new thing without relations to brba it would be killer, but i think most ppl dont care about the series for the reason that they know where saul is going to end up (me included).
Also, saul was just comic relif on BrBa so a new character whose future is undecided and can do something significant is way better imo

Yes, spoilers ruin anything except cheesy shit, i dont care if you spoil the expendables but i would not enjoy a movie like Arrival or Tell No One if i knew the ending.

If this show was a mystery or something i might agree with you but it's not about twists or anything. For the most part it's giving context to a great character like Saul who really wasn't just comic relief, he was a side-character but he was a pivotal part of the show essentially helping create the monster that was Heisenberg then becoming his servant.

Idk I think the show is great on it's own, sure we know what will happen but in a way that makes me appreciate knowing more about the characters before their inevitable conclusion. I actually watched the entire thing in chronological order, BCS then BB and then El Camino and I think it works great, we're just missing season 5 to wrap it all up for BCS.

I'm one who believes after having many, MANY shows, movies, anime spoiled for me by the just wonderful autistic fucks on Sup Forums, that spoilers don't really ruin stories as much as people believe. Essentially just knowing the end to something doesn't do shit for me, knowing who dies or who gets raped or whatever means nothing until I know the context. Then up until the end it weirdly makes it more interesting to see all the events unfold and even tragic in a way because I know of their fate.
Consider giving this a watch fren. It's pretty good and better explains what I'm talkin about. Have a good one.


"show was reduced by multiple seasons"

sentence barely makes any sense, but still wrong

100% this is the only "origin" story which I feel truly succeeds at flushing out characters from the main show or movie....Saul's relationship with his brother, and his fall from grace, is pretty tragic....and he is an amazing anti-hero....Combine all that with the fact that all the actors are fantastic.....Absolute great show...I appreciate it a lot more than I did with Breaking Bad tbh

haven’t watched it yet, but IMDb’s ratings seem pretty good and I like his character in breaking bad

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