If you guys can't read it it says schizo sufferer kills himself on twitch? That's right it's time to end it...

If you guys can't read it it says schizo sufferer kills himself on twitch? That's right it's time to end it, these voices have got a hold of me. I think it's more so the delusions though. Hope my death is archived across the interwebs.

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Why are you doing it user, what was the tipping point? Are you ready to accept tge potentially infinite consequences of suicide? They might make you restart your life do you really wanna do all this shit over again?

whats the twitch name OP

Why are you wearing your hat inside?

The tipping point was the past 3 months feeling like 3 years. Time won't fucking move for me. I've got fentanyl in my closet (already tested with strips)

If I'm not wearing it I feel as though I'm being exposed.

Dont do it faggot. Find a submissive GF thatll accept you or BF and pound some holes until you die

you know what guys, I've been planning on killing my parents. I don't have it in me to kill them tonight but in a week or so when I think my psychosis will intensify I might be back here posting my parents dead bodies, along with my own.

I'm diagnosed schitzo

Im almost healed

Snort ketamine and do alot of meditating. Your just some form of autismo and u dont know how to properly live in this dimension or world. If anyone was gonna kill u they would have and if they could they would. Ppl r passively psychic vampires and hallucinations comes w thebterritory.

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well my dead body will be on video, don't know if I want to stream myself killing my parents lol

is this gona be like the time that guy "killed his dad" with a fire extinguisher?

no, I just got an idea I'll stream myself killing my parents reason why my mind changed was because I'm planning on burning my parents house down with them in it instead of killing them with a machete.

it's always been a hard decision between machete and fire

you fucking freak

fire will be easier for me mentally,

do u guys have some better platforms to stream on twitch is rated G that shit will be out of there in no time

Yawn. B8

if I'm recording a house burning down, wouldn't that alert mods long before I could ever have a chance of running back in with an extinguisher to see their corpses?

No one wants to see your ugly retarded ass, not even getting wasted

well you're not gona do either so honestly why not just tell your parents you love them and then go travel the world hobo style?
>inb4 some bullshit sob story and why life isn't fair
imagine you had a kid and the little brat hated you for whatever fucking reason and then he killed you because he's a pompous little antichrist. how fucking embarrassed would you be in the afterlife having to tell everyone your faggot brat of a kid killed you because he had a temper tantrum
just move on with your life you little dutlin


Did you change your mind OP?

that's just more the reason why OP should go through with this! Go on OP do it

how about I lace my parent's water or food with fentanyl, that would be a more humane way to end them. The same way I'll go :)

imagine all the money op is missing out on via prostituting himself
kids are so stupid these days

The white race is doomed. I wonder if someone didn't orchestrated this with some drug or something, making white people more prone to mental disorders, not just like this retarded, but all kinds of mental disorders like transexuals, most of them are white

he said he's in psychosis

that is a crime, I strongly advise OP to go to sleep, forget about it, and seek help tomorrow

>beliving this shit
absolute brainlet

I advise OP to go to sleep forever. Who even knows how he got himself into psychosis. Who honestly cares if he kills himself or his parents anyway? He's doing the world a favor by ending his family's genes.


I think that was written by OP

and I think this was written by OP

how about you shove the fentanyl in your vagina you dumb nigger?

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No one cares loser. Just do a backflip off a building and maybe you’ll body slam some wageslave walking to work

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