Ylyl, last thread aged out, let's do this shit, but can we do it epic...

ylyl, last thread aged out, let's do this shit, but can we do it epic, no fucking bananas and porn and old people naked shit, please. don't cuck this thread, nignogs.

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Fucking lost

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Finally a weapon to surpass the Metal Gear.

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that was so relatable it physically hurt

This is the most normie Ylyl I have ever seen, You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Shit tier meme

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Are you fir real? Quality thred

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Let the Epstmeme's flow

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Fake content.

Moved straight to the ban archive.

Thanks Lori

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I'm legitimately glad this exists


why did i lose

Imagine how fucking dangerous those things would be

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Get ur bitch ass outta here

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Does anyone have the webm of the asian girl using these?

trump supporters vs liberals

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Nice feet

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This girl.

Got more?

Is that Paul McCartney?

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Wtf. I just searched that image and the poor fucker got a flesh eating bacteria from a cold so they cut his limbs off. How the fuck does that happen, seriously how? Oh then it came back and they cut his last arm off, so hes even worse off now. But fuck you for posting that and thinking its funny. You must be a fucking jew.

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Too bad he couldn't get an ass eating bacteria

How I jack off?

You jack once, then dick is cut off and no more jacking.

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Tom Robert Union Mary Paul
David Ida David
Ida Tom

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ReviewBrah is in the hospital. He took a nasty fall.

This mans doing it right

oliver tree's future family

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my wife's vagina's name is Wiffy Donut

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imagine if you started to do the splits and couldn't stop

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sad thing is this is real AF

For some reason this sentence is super stressful

>cum bukket

He shoulda taken his vaccinations