19fem here

19fem here
Is it weird for girls to get turned on by traps? Like traps make me so fucking horny it’s insane. I’m Pansexual and I’ve been in many relationships with many different people who identify with many different genders but traps are just the people I find most attractive. Idk. I’m not really into Lolis or Shoutas but those goddamn traps just take the cake. Futas really get me going too. Maybe I have a mommy/caregiver kink??
I really don’t know, but I’d like to hear some ideas from y’all.

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Pansexual is not a real orientation. You just are a perverse bitch.

Seek God's help.

>I’ve been in many relationships with many different people who identify with many different genders


tits+timestamp bitch.

Dont really give a fuck about what you're asking, but you said femanon. So imagine what's gonna happen now bitch

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I won't be the one regretting my decisions when I live in eternal life with the Father.

Pansexual is a fake identity, just call yourself bi like a normal person.

Traps are for the bros fuckin dishwasher get back in the kitchen


Fuck OP. Who's that in the pic? Sauce?

This whole thing is a fucking trainwreck.
First, tits and timestamp.
Second pansexual isn't a thing, just say you're bi
Third, this whole thing is clearly a lie with all the other shit.
Stop larping and go to bed

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What are you tryna do?
Spread the word of god to all the furries and incels?
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It’s Lucoa from Miss kobayashi’s Dragon Maid! Have a good wank stranger!

It's not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.

Thanks user!

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>I'll be your trap

Same, except the pansexual stuff and relationships. And futa, I just can't into it. I've settled on crossdressing males and feminine guys being my thing recently but idk how common it would be for either to be into girls, let alone being the Dom rather than the sub.

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Hit me up (I’m the OP)

I really think I like them because I might have a mommy Dom kink. So that might be a contribution but I’ve just always like more feminine/weaker individuals. I’m just glad someone can relate to how it feels ^^;

Discord? Altbunny#0457
Kik? woahtheredylan

And don’t worry I’ve met a few straight traps (Pretty rare ngl). But if you just have that big Dom energy they find you kinda quickly when you’re a femdom.

Add me darlin ;)

based and christpilled, God bless, brother

You brave dumb whore

>few straight traps (Pretty rare ngl)
I figured, I like the taboo feeling it gives, almost like you're with a girl but it's a dude, fully capable of flipping a switch and knocking you down with the full risk of impregnating you.

One day I'll find my straight trap I just gotta believe.

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Preach it brother!

It’s the best thing! It’s more fun when they get a little restless and bratty and try to over power you. I am for wholesome soft Dom vibes but it’s fun to be a little hard on your boy every once and while. ESPECIALLY when they deserve it!

As a fem presenting person that's pansexual, I have a female partner that is attracted to me. She says fem male bodied people have always just been their favorite. But they are a more dominant personality as well.

It's unusual, but it just means you are "somewhat bi", and attracted to traps. Doesn't really need to be deeper than that.

Thank you for your insight very helpful

Tits or get up and go outside and don't come back

traps aren't real they're just mentally ill which makes you mentally ill.

Im not into traps, just into buff guys in mini skirts.