Why don't she love me?

Why don't she love me?

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Because you're a beta.


Why do you need her to love you back? Aren't you happy with seeing her being happy and free?
If she doesn't love you back is fine. Nothing wrong with you, just breath, smile and look up to the sky to see that the sun shines again. There will be another girl for you to love, and maybe this time she will notice you in a different way. Don't rush nor push, just be confident in yourself, because, as kind of an advice, the only secret is to fall in love wirh yourself. Nothing is sexier than self love.
I know you can move on! Cheer up pal

She leads me on just to break things off. Why even do this to anyone?

because shes probably a hoe,

You are a "dick in a glass jar".
She can't let you think there's NO chance whatsoever, she has to keep a little bit of leading you on happening, while making you think you're fucking it up somehow & if you could just get it RIGHT she'll be yours.
Meanwhile she's looking for the big cock chad badboy millionaire she actually wants, with you as a backup she can fall on when she's used up & didn't find him.
Lots of girls do this. Move on.

it’ll be okay bro find someone better who doesn’t lead you on
it could take months or years even but you can do it

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hes got it op

She was the one.

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women are incapable of love, she probably doesn't see anything worth of taking advantage of you and thus have no interest.

Also, you must be a ugly loser

You're probably right

If she was you wouldn't have made this thread, wouldn't have to question whether she was.

There’s really no way of fully knowing OP. My ex left me almost a complete year ago. Some days it’s hard to get her out of my head, most days she doesn’t even come up. Do your best to forget her and find someone worth your time.


I wish I had a male figure I trusted growing up to tell me this shit. Finding this kind of shit out on your own can make you utterly despise women & start building cages to keep them in as slaves.

Or maybe just maybe you are dealing with some shit mentally and trying everything in your power such as drugs booze porn to drown it which is okay up until shes ready to quit and you are not. Maybe you came on way too strong way to quick and scared her because nobody has ever liked her that much before. Maybe just maybe your simply overthinking it all.


because u have a bad taste in movies

love doesnt exist beta

Likely because one of you is a shit person.

because there's no "she"