How do we fix women?

How do we fix women?

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You don't have to fix anyone but yourself. Most men in America are fat as shit, even more of them are fat than American women. And then there's unhygienic guys and guys who come off as psychotic. All you have to do is not be so horrifically unattractive as your competition.

Lol gtfo here. Have you ever lived with a woman? A lot of them are slobs and unhygenic.

There's plenty of fat hambones who still demand a 9/10 man pamper and take care of them.

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We don't. We let birth rates drop and the population decline to a reasonable level. Seven billion is like seven times too many.

Stats say more US men are overweight. Plenty of people are slobs but why would I date slobs? Online dating is terrible, but most people are able to fuck. If you aren't, you are in the minority.

To be fair, most of that is India and China. The US is not overpopulated.

Only 9 out of her matches even wrote something. Thank god, scandi girls look better than her. Stupid thot.

I became gay because of women

>I know I'm a picky person
Uhu. A lot of young and mid-20s girls are. This is why they go insane at 30 and hop on any dick that gives them attention.

Just a pro-tip guys: If you meet a 30+ year old female, wrap your shit and use a fake name. They're all batshit insane.

She's just sour that she was dumb enough to give away her life savings to someone that probably rounded up her dates at a bus stop.

Sorting algorithms on dating sites can already do what she paid the "elite" agency to do. Also, some people are just ignorant and refuse to take anyone's advice. Like when my landlord hired a consulting agency, spent all of her net profit in a year and said "oh well what do they know?"

Why the fuck did you even hire them?

Yeah, turns out.. princes and doctors aren't using dating sites and that's probably what she's looking for.

Are you dumb? Japan is overpopulated..not the worrld. If you apply japan population density on land surface you get hundreds of bilions. We are not even close to be overpopulated.

Japan's population is declining. The people are getting older and the younger men aren't interested in sex for some reason.

Ignore them, they will go away.

i wonder why?

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I was talking about ppl living in square meter. Not the age. But you are right they go to shit now

>How do we fix women?

Repeal trhe 19th ammendment.

I actually do wonder why. I'd be fucking those little soft skin sluts all day. Japanese girls are like playing with the net down.

but like the guys are unnatractive as all hell so are they choosing not to bang some puss or what?

>i spent my savings in a pursuit to find a person of the opposite gender that would take care of my expenses for the rest of my days but didnt like their personalities so heres an article shitting on them

And even if they are, they are going for the hot teens, not some manly looking post-menopausal egotistic asshole.

>How do we fix women?
They're fine. I've had no problems getting relationships or just sex whenever I want. Maybe I'm in the other 7%, who knows? If so, more for me, I guess.

Becasue the young women know the truth now and refuse to be molested with a vienna sausage

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I think many of those kinds of people just want whatever idea they have to be confirmed by someone 'elite' in that area. When that doesn't happen they decide it must be wrong and keep searching for something that affirms their shitty ideas.

ah this old tale, a tale as old as time.. women who think they are gods gift to fucken earth, want a 6foot+ guy with a large pecker, money, 6 pack abs, dark complexion, fancy car, 6 figure job, 2 comma bank account, owns a home or two, and doesnt lie and cheat.

Women think becaus they are so incredible, that they can just go on tinder or POF or OkCupid and find men like this... these men are fucken losers on these sites that are too beta to go out in real life and talk to women, so they resort to online dating.

i went on dating site years ago and banged a shitload a chicks on POF, wasnt looking for relationship because just got out of one. I met hot wife 5 years ago, got married, had kid, own home, have 3 cars, good savings.
Funny enough, about a month ago while emptying an old hard drive, if found a folder on my desktop of a bunch of these girls i banged and saved their POF page. oddly enough, most of these girls were still on there, with current pictures, and ridiculous standards literally listed in the ad.. its been 5 years bitches, 5 fucken years.. and you can even get a date on an online dating site.. holy fuck..

>I'm a person that doesn't struggle
>therefore it's everybody's fault who does struggle

You don't.

You wait til you're 40 then they start chasing you.

Literally, just run around enjoying your life til then, hit that magic number and you'll be getting more pussy than when you were 18, and best of all, it's hell desperate pussy, so it will fucking treat you like you've never been treated before.

No, you're not going to get that highschool honey you always wanted, none of your old crushes are gonna come back around, but you're gonna start pulling honeys who wouldn't even talk to you back in the day just because you've hit "daddy age", so start dressing well now and watch the difference as you age.

people are fucking they are just not having kids retards.


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Women have higher standards because their livelihood depends on the quality of their mate. It's a natural selection thing. Men will fuck anything that moves within reason. Women want to be selective because they put a ton of stock into the idea of a life partner. It's not hard to understand why they play hard to get.

Some of them are just too stupid to realize they are a 6 when they think they're a 10.

Umm, is this the same Japan where there's bars where women dress up as men because young women have never really spoken to a man post-puberty that wasn't papa or sensei? And the men just gave up altogether and have intentional sausage parties? THAT Japan?

Doesn't sound like much sex, unless you're counting the burgeoning prostitution industry servicing midlevel sararimen.


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I never said shit about who's fault if is. I just don't care. Women care about a lot more besides looks. I know plenty of guys that are average (by my logical male standards, i.e. based on a bell curve) that married up as far as looks. But they are cool people, with decent jobs. They earned their good relationships. What's your excuse?

The last sentence is the main point. Bitches sittin at a 5 have no room to be fucking picky.

>is polygamy the natural order?
actually yes

I haven't met a wife yet but it's the same story with online dating. Most of my success was on POF because it's mostly single mothers. I had no success on OkCupid. The standards on there are so asinine high and through the roof. I would see the exact same girls on there every single day, always online. I would go back to my old area to see who was still around and sure enough, the same girls.

I had a girl tell me "not interested, you hit on me at fair 15 years ago" then block me. I just kept thinking, what the fuck happened during that interaction to not only make you remember it 15 years later but to block someone because of it?

I had literally no luck on swipe apps. I could swipe for days but unless I was able to message someone first or talk to them in person, I never found anyone on any of those apps. I just stick to social outings and the bar. I never have a problem there but the ironic part is, if any of the girls I've hooked up with in real life saw me on Tinder, they'd probably swipe no and never talk to me on there.

Online dating and apps fuck with the mentality of a person's head. Online dating is an all you can eat buffet for women. Women eat for free and still go down the buffet line criticizing every single food at the buffet.

I've pulled a woman this year that I thought there was no way in hell she'd ever look my direction or want to touch me. "Out of your league" as people say. Seriously guys, stop doing fucking online dating. Go out and go to social events, go to local events in town, go to the bar, literally anything is better than putting yourself on Tinder or those other shit apps unless you can convey that you're incredibly attractive/rich. I can't do either of those things without Photoshop so those apps are useless for me.

Yeah. Just watched The fab 5 in Japan.... yeah I know... but the fucking guests on there were all really cringey shut ins

I'm not making a value judgment. But I AM affirming the fact that women of all races, religions, socioeconomic groups, political stripes trend 20 points more authoritarian than comparable men.

You can't

Try a social experiment. Make a profile of a fat hairy Armenian woman and write up one of the snobbiest profiles you can. I guarantee she still gets a lot of messages and requests to meet.

Women are impressed by a man in this era that can walk up and speak to them face-to-face without immediately spilling all the spaghetti. Social skills are utterly fucking lost, and I'm not talking about enumerating and ordering silverware placement but basic interaction.

Yeah, speaking to people doesn't bother me. I get yelled at all day by pissed off customers at my job, so that kind of helped with the social awkwardness of what can go wrong in social situations.

I've had awkward situations. Fat hambeasts who walk up and pull their hot girlfriends away from you, uppity douchebags who don't like that you're talking to their "friend" they desperately want to fuck, etc. I've been cock-blocked, it's whatever. You just move on to someone else.

Approaching groups is a practice everyone who wants to meet girls needs to pick up on because I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've seen a hot girl out by herself and if she's not a prostitute, she's probably trouble.

The oldest advantage there is, the power of the pussy. Not just for pleasure, but for procreation itself. Choice of good genes, etc. Men tend to settle more so. Well, beta men. Incel uprising impending.

Dude, at this point, I don't care if the problem is me, I don't care if it's them, I just don't bother. I'm not going to spend my whole life trying to attain some ideal set of traits that hardly have a name. It's too much bullshit. At this point, considering the state of things, I'm just happy I have a nice apartment.

I enjoy my cup of coffee in the morning and go to work, workout, come home, jerk off, read, go night night, do over again. My life is just way less complicated without women. It's lonely, considering I have no friends either, but this is the life I choose, it's just less complicated and a lot less stressful.

This is a feature of evolution. To ensure strong and competent offspring and a good provider, women have to be picky. Some animals females will consider 8-12 males who are all rejected no matter how excellent. Then they will accept the next male that is better than the previous.
Even though they have no clue of statistics, they have a succesful strategy.
As a male you probably won't be able to be the best on all stats. So you will have to better yourself in ways that are relevant to your choice of woman, and aren't too foreign to you.
Hitler couldn't fix evolution, neither can you.

Go to the library on friday night and look for girls getting romance books to read for the week end

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>To ensure strong and competent offspring and a good provider, women have to be picky
lol oh bullshit. It's because females are coddled from a young age and taught that they can't do anything wrong. They're taught that they're all fragile princesses. Online dating apps has shown them that the world of dating is in their hands, even though all they offer is a vagina.

They're picky literally because they have a vagina. That's it.

See you probably think you are being smart but actually you are the biggest dumbass in this thread, possibly on the whole board right now. Evolution has nothing to do with the current state of degeneracy and the retardation of women. The mistake was giving them money and jobs and education.

You've seen too many romantic comedies. The girls you see in the library picking out romance books are fat middle aged suburb moms.

women are inherently inferior to men in both intellect and strength, there is nothing to fix, it is just the way they are. They have to be told what is good and tight like children. You don’t fix them, you lead them

kill yourself

While we're on the subject of fixing people, all of the BBC and "blacked" posters are trolls, right? Where did this cuck fetish come from on Sup Forums? I see maybe one interracial couple a week if I had to guess and I live in fucking Columbus, Ohio.


thanks rabbi

It's the opposite actually, for me and a few guys i know you get to sleep with a lot of girls, young ones. Basically you just fuck the hot ones, you get a lot of uglier ones too, but if you're getting a ton of matches you can afford to only date the most hottest chicks.
i'd say i only bother with 1 in 5. Always use protection and use a fake name. Don't meet up more then 5 times, if you feel you're into her just bail before you get too committed.

Not looking for a relationship and never will, but i don't get how people complain about women being picky, they thirsty as fuck. Like a few of my friends have problems but it's 50/50, if you're a 6 - 10 you can easily get a chick, if you're a 5 or lower good luck. Honestly the world is going to shit and spreading my genes for my children to die of global warming is gay.

If someone tries that, just say, ah, i see you're going, i liked talking to you, can we exchange numbers so we can talk again or some shit. Most ham beasts or betas are not going to fight you.

Japanese women are really thirsty for western men. It's fucking crazy when you visit there, you get hit on quite a lot.

It's actually very simple: Stop putting pussy on a pedestal. Love yourself.

As long as you keep in mind that no matter how much foundation cakes on her acne-scared face she still drops a stanky ass dookie as bad as the fattest man out there from time to time... as long as you realize that you deserve just as much respect as any other man or woman out there then you stop stroking womens' egos by buying them random drinks they don't feel compelled to reciprocate for. You stop fueling their egos by spending top dollar on a fancy restaurant on a first date.

Have some standards yourself. If some bitch is so full of herself she wouldn't even consider an average guy despite being average looking herself? Next.

The “woman” in this pic looks like a fucking ugly old trap. When women hit the wall, they’re done. This is where men have an advantage. You can be a manlet, as long as you make decent money and have confidence, you can get young women. Everybody wants the best they can get.

Not all

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You can take the pig out of the mud, but you can't take the mud out of the pig. Sure we have a society and culture. But that won't alter the mindset. Women have always been picky. When times allow women to make their own lives, fat basement dwellers will have a hard time.

They're trolls you imbecile. People shitpost for the (You)s and they know it pisses Sup Forums off

>how do we fix women
Raep the shit out of them. Daily.

>Women have higher standards

women have shit standard and they are fools. only a woman would type this garbage. plenty of great dudes out there that women shit all over because they want to “trade up”. Fucking ridiculous. Any woman who seeks anything more than a good man, who has a job and is half way decent looking is a dumb whore

Based and pic related... for a little while at least. I wish she hadn't moved away.

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it’s unironically the jews

I'd have paid her to move away with those looks.

Women weren't picky when they were being clubbed over the head and dragged into a dark cave. Your world view is not only wrong it's stupid too. The problem was giving women money instead of teaching them how to cook and clean. Now future generations are fucked beyond belief. And idiot cucks like you will defend them with your dick in hand the whole time.

This was pre Tinder and pre social media. With tits like that, today she'd put some make up on and have thousands of followers on instagram and a man of her choosing .

Say what you want but she had the softest and smoothest skin I've ever felt.

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>It's actually very simple: Stop putting pussy on a pedestal. Love yourself.

So simple and true but I always lose sight of this. I get infatuated and desperate. I need to work on my skills and interests and having a good time and stop thinking a hookup or gf will solve everything.

Do you know how many sex hotels there are in japan?

You fix beta men first. Literally any average looking girl can start a stream on Twitch, sit there in shorts and make more than the average salary just reading off donations. Then most of them have OnlyFans and Patreon pages where they make even more to sell pictures of themselves in bikinis and underwear. It's fucking absurd and I don't understand the fetish to give away your hard earned money to random women for no God damn reason.

cucks and faggots propaganda

check screenshots here

>Your world view is not only wrong it's stupid too.
Says the dude who's using"gruk club woman. gruk take woman back to cave" caricature.

>The problem was giving women money instead of teaching them how to cook and clean.
Maybe a problem for you if you could only get a girl via a ye olden arranged marriage.


Eggsakly my wife traded up and is now on her 4th husband a junky she knew in jhs and just lost the nursing licence i payed for steelin booz and pills from dying patients

That's gotta at least be somewhat satisfying knowing she not going to be making half of what she used to ever again.

As a nerdasexual i fap to her as she is

Never said anything about arranged marriage and the whole goddamn world was built on rape until about 100 years ago or less even. Don't reply to me again you stupid bastard

The 4:15 to Nutley ain't gonna drives itself.

Well you know, that's probably the difference between you are me. I don't need to club womens heads to be able to mate and reproduce. And since I love my kids very much, I really don't mind that this world isn't overrun with unworthy scum. What you want is Africa. And see what it gets you. Sub par in every aspect but ability to rape.
Be better than Africa.

sounds about right, women without supervision are bound to destroy themselves through their impulses.

Women think that having a very handsome rich man will automatically make them happy, but nothing could be further from the truth, they need a man that will ship them into shape, a lot of the understand this hut the ones who don’t cry when their hubby is mean to them and get a divorce and end up being a drunk whore failure who goes nowhere and dies miserable.

>the whole goddamn world was built on rape until about 100 years ago or less even.

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>dub dubs
It's hot to see women get fucked by huge black cocks, and I like sucking them too.

Are you fucking retarded?

It fills me with shittingfreud

>t. Seething soyboi incels

>I'll call everyone everyone that doesn't agree with me buzzwords
>Dumb as fuck
>Cheese scraper looking motherfucker

Did you say.... Nutley?

I mean I guess you have a point, user.
You technically can't be an incel if you're having sex despite your partners not being willing.

Niggers mostly

Sounds like the problem is with men to me.

A good portion of it is. It's one thing to be an entitled woman. It's another thing to be a man giving in to a woman's entitlement and a lot of men out there are all too willing.

It's kikes from the porno industry trying to override no-fap november.

you do the math. If you're jerking off to pictures of other men making out with women you like, you're being a cuck.

That would require that China, India and most of Africa do this. They aren't and they won't as things are now.

Most women don't like online dating either. They know men will scatter-shot messages to all the girls they can. Plus you can't tell when you'll get along with anyone just from online profiles. I saw an ex's profile of mine on OKCupid when I was on it briefly, and I never would have messaged her based on that.
Meet girls IRL for more success for everyone.

Maybe because the japanese all smell like rotten wheat flour and peanut oil. Imagine a jap pussy

I feel like in a lot of countries these days it's just getting easier and easier for guys to just check out.

good news. I fucking hate chinks

dont know how china can be sorted out though

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>Good thing I have a savings account for emergencies like car repair or if I needed to evacuate my home for a while
>I know, I'll spend it on a dating agency
That's worse than retards putting their life savings into lottery tickets.