I need a girlfriend... very very badly

I need a girlfriend... very very badly.

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and thats exactly why you wont get one, my friend

No you don't, cuck. I guarantee you're far better off without ever coming close to having one.

Take it from an alpha who hates women.

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Understand you also kinda need to be ready to support them, not just 'have one' .. I can't get into a guy if they aren't able to support me.

You’d have to be way beyond fucking ordinary, if I have to support your ass.

Most of the worst things that happened to me in my life can be traced back to a woman

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just rape people ya dingus

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need =/= want, learn the difference.

This isn't 1950. If you're honestly expecting to be supported, then get off the internet and find a doctor. Most people can barely support themselves.

Or just get a job.

No one needs anything then. The word simply shouldn't exist, as it has no meaning. But that's not how humans work. He needs a girlfriend like he needs food. Humans starve for love.

It's not all that great having one mate.

like this user said

Easy, get off Sup Forums, stop wasting your life, take care of yourself, get a hobby, become interesting and you're set. That's if you want a long term thing, which I'll tell you right now, you don't. You probably just want sex, cause that's what a girl is mostly good for. Just use a "dating" app, if you're atleast average height and fairly decent looking it shouldn't be hard to find a fuck slut. Don't be expecting 10s or 9s tho unless you're pretty good looking and charming.

You're saying that till you get one, women can make your life hell. I mean if it's about the sex, you could get plenty of it, no strings attached, and I'm not even talking about hookers.

If it's about validation, join a damned gym. Get as much as validation as you want from your own fucking self, love your body mate. All these little creatures do is obstruct your way to self improvement and suck your confidence as hard as they suck your cock.

Also, most are attention whores, and it's kinda ironical that the less attention you pay them the more they want to blow your dick

Dumb shit movie struck teen spotted

Heres a tip op: women can smell desperation. You're not going to get a gf if you're frantically trying to obtain one. Relax and just focus on improving yourself and the women will come. This advice is for both sexes.

i have a gf, it is nice

Funny, I can't get into a girl with everything that is going on and common right now.

a healthy relationship is two independent people living together, not a woman depending on a man to support her.


And how will that solve your issues?

Projecting and scapegoating? People are fucked up but we can't say we're wholly without blame ourselves.

Preach it


no you don’t

quit spamming your interracial stream slut, no one gives a fuck, just bbc in quiet

Fuck that. Relationships aren't a man coming into step in as "daddy" and take care of a little princess. Relationships are two equals coming together to be a team.

If that team involves supporting from him to you? What are you giving back? What's your contribution? Because pussy is worth the same as dick, and if it isn't worth the same to you, I hope whatever guy comes your way finds someone who actually values them as an equal.

I can help you, do you have contact info?
You showed a woman weakness, you ALLOWED them to do whatever they did to you. You must always look out for number one friend, and never let yourself be blinded by your emotions.

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I'm a dude