So I recently learned Yandex uses facial recognition software in their image search...

So I recently learned Yandex uses facial recognition software in their image search. I uploaded a number of pictures of myself to test this and almost all of them returned at least one of my nude photos in the results. One nude photo in particular showed up about 90% of the time.
How fucked am I? Any way to undo this?

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Are you a girl

Post your nudes here so we can reverse search for them and request that they be taken down from any site we see them in.

No, I'm a guy

how reliable are those take down request, do most sites honor them? and will that also remove it from search results too?

Sleep easy then. No one's going to search you, mate.

thats both encouraging and depressing at the same time. thank you

I recently found this out as well..... only a matter of time now.

Yup. Get ready for the great doxx of 2020

Welcome to our new dystopian future, I guess.
What do you have floating out there on the internet? Right now its just consistently returning one result but there are probably many more photos of me somewhere online.

Just a bunch of photos of my gf sucking my cock with her tits out etc etc

Kek who the fuck post nudes with face online? How can you be so fucking dumb? Hope your family and friends see it and shame you for being such a fucking moron

Thats not so bad, at least you're getting lucky in your photos

Which site? If you can get it removed from the source site it will get removed from searches eventually

I thought exhibitionism would be fun. It was, but now this.

That's true. Still, not so cool for her though lol

the search results come back to some weird site that seems like it just links to xhamster, not sure if the pic is stored on xhamster or the other site

well I tested a few group photos too, it seems the system doesnt do the facial recognition for multiple faces, for now at least

If you put it on porn sites then you're fucked and it will probably detect more in the future

Why would you share that information with a bunch of b tards. You dun goofed op

How embarrassing is this photo. Post it here. You can blur out your face we can't search you if you want.

it wasn't porn sites, it was mostly tumblr, but thats what i'm worried about, and more will probably show up as the software improves

what information?

why would i want you to search me???

You wouldn't, post the pic but blur you're face so people CAN'T do a facial recognition search of you!

Why do you have pictures circulating on the interwebs?

I thought it a bit of exhibitionism would be fun

I blacked it out instead of blurring

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Ok that is embarrassing. Where is your dick? Yikes!

> that cock

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small pp

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yeah i know thanks

any day

So do I just constantly check this and try to take down pics one by one as they come up? what do i do if a site wont remove them?

Considering that the image results with the non-copy name of your file links to a cuckold forum, and little else, I'd say facial recognition isn't the biggest of your problems. Maybe grow a mustache or something.

Bet its a nice grower. also, you remind me of a greek warrior statue in same way

what?? what do you mean non copy name???

Remove the _(1)_copy from the filename, and it'll search for the original file, filtering the faceless image with that result leads to the version with a face.

>075_1000 (1) copy.jpg
I dont understand anything you just said

Nice girl cock

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Whatever its not like this wasnt already out there on the internet but still fuck you for doxing

Anyone that clicks on reverse image search can find it kiddo.
Can you post an erect pic?
How big does it get?
You're really cute

Thanks I guess
I did do a reverse image search before posting, nothing came up?

I'm using clover to browse Sup Forums. It has a reverse image search function, I used yandex

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What's clover?
Also that one is (poorly) photoshoped

This has gotta be fake right? Is that reallllyyyy OP?

I'm not on mobile at the moment so I can't download it

yes its photoshopped is that not obvious?

No, so much came up

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OP is fucked

Did you really post pictures with your name on them!!!

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fucking kek

That's stone-cold Steve Austin right there

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This is an average flaccid cock. Have you not seen Greek statues and shit?



This is an important lesson in posting your nudes on the public internet and then telling Sup Forums how to find them

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Ok I've had enough of this internet rabbit hole

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That lesson will be ignored many times in the future I predict

Why are all of your pictures on a beach? Was this a nide beach? I don't see anyone else naked in your pics did you just strip down in the middle of a beach?

You doxxed yourself

asking the important questions

I think we can all agree that beach pics are naturally sexy. Just being nekkid on the beach is like a +2 to Charisma, clear across the board. And just look at the composition! These are the first, albeit stumbling, steps of artistic genius.

>willingly putting any personally identifiable information on the internet

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No I mean that this nakid person is actually OP.

same tiny dick same dumb face don't need facial recognition technology to know that it is OP

No I mean this can be a faggot who just posted a random photo of a naked dude with his face "hidden" as an example.

OP did admit to being in these pics but he ran away after more got posted and we haven't heard from him since. it was either to expose himself or someone else

I'm gonna cut you some slack and hope that photo was shot on a freezing day.

That "Computer Programmer's" tan.

Who goes to a beach and gets naked on a freezing day?

That "Computer Programmer's" cock.

>doxxing self on Sup Forums
top kek OP

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