Sad songs?

Sad songs?

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write one yourself you talentless fuck.

Dawes - little bit of everything.

Hurt nine-inch nails

chaos chaos- do you feel it

miss atomic bomb- the killers its more upbeat but the plot of the song is sad

or weezer end of the game upbeat but lyrics are on the sader side forsay

The most basic of basic "sad songs", gtfo out of here you have to wake up and go to high school tomorrow

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dancing in the dark bruce Springsteen

forever now greenday that's should be enough to entertain you for a bit

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Keep your chin up.
The shit goes in cycles.

Disregardmeant to post this.

Together and Here She Comes from Slowdive, hell all of Souvlaki has a pretty sad vibe to it.

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the pee pee poo poo man

This song is so trash

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Souvlaki is a fucking masterpiece.
Fuck, I haven't thought about it in years.
Gonna listen to it now.
Thanks for jogging the ole memory. Used to listen to that along with Isn't Anything by MBV all the time.

Did someone ever do a sad version of In the End- Linkin Park? Or just a more respectable version?


Nutshell - AIC

Songs on this thread are all hot dogshit holy fuck

Yeah, fuck yeah, all of this is what I like

Then contribute something

says the bitch who doesn't put a song out there because he can't handle criticism.

Dollskin - Toadies
The Appeal - Toadies
Lost Horizons - Gin Blossoms
Creep - Radiohead
Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
Falling Away With You - Muse
Watch It Crash - Toh Kay
They Broke Him Down - Toh Kay
Wait For Sleep - Dream Theater
In My Darkest Hour - Megadeth
In Memory Of... - Heathen
Drunk Again - Reel Big Fish
Hackensack - Fountains Of Wayne
Widow - The Mars Volta
Gymnopedie 1-3 - Erik Satie

Little assortment of dif genres and dif sad vibe, from despair to angry sad and all in between.

I already did

What was it?

Rate Me.

Bait thread. 2/10

One minute long ,but it hits the nail on the head.
I think it should be the anthem of/b/....


Well... That was depressing.

Elvis depressedly - Pepsi coke suicide

These threads are always the same.
A hundred different people post a hundred different songs in the span of an hour or two and listen to 2 other songs at most, usually not bothering to even check out a post without an image accompanying it.

Mac DeMarco - Chamber of Reflection

even though wrong song, pretty good song

It's lovely and calming though I don't find it sad.
Maybe a little pensive and reflective.
As far as piano compositions go, I think Erik Satie is pretty difficult to supplant in terms of just being downright sad but, of course, all our opinions are purely subjective and probably affected by our own biases.
Do you know this piece?

Ever since I was a little kid I would imagine this story, this huge sci-fi war like every building was a huge fortress and tiny objects were spaceships. It was really cringy but I kept it going throughout my childhood until early adulthood. I am probably somewhere on the autistic spectrum to do this but whatever. The main character of the story's wife died in a battle to stop a superweapon that would have destroyed the giant tree-city fortress they called home. This was after the main character died and his mentor became the PoV for the story. They couldn't penetrate the armor with missiles from the outside so they had to send in a squad on the ground. Along the way she got hit by a mortar but fought on, ending up pinned down in an alcove inside defending the charges they'd planted from enemy soldiers. She killed over a dozen, getting shot over and over as she did, while her friend had to sit in cover nearby and listen, unable to get to her. Then after he carried her out to the trenches where she bled to death.

The character was really important to me and died because of real life shit I was dealing with at the time. The next day I was on the train and I looked out at the gray cityscape, it was November and cold. I was listening to turn it down ANO remix and the lyrics felt oddly fitting. When I got home I was inspired to write this piece in her memory. It's cringy and autistic but it really meant a lot to me. I wish I still felt feelings like that.

I ruined the story when I killed off the main character then resurrected him when I realized he was an alter ego I identified with. But bringing him back made it feel cheap and hacky, so I eventually abandoned the whole thing. Barely think about it anymore. That's the really sad part to me: I destroyed one of the few things I had left from my childhood.

Hope you enjoy, anons.

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Those guys were pretty fun and goofy back in their heyday.

Bullet - Hollywood Undead

Here... Some good stuff

Hannah Georgia - Shine

lol you all are sad? Just Ctrl+C Ctrl+V happiness faggots. margot and the nuclear so and so's

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bvdub -- the art of dying alone

Sex Twister - The Hobo Rap

Nice, man. I enjoyed that. I didn't know what to expect but you built it up slowly allowing me to imagine and visualize your fantasy world somewhat and the feeling of what you expressed to flesh itself out increasingly as you added more sound rhythm (I'm not sure how to describe this medium of music) or different instrumentation to your piece. I especially enjoyed the guitar part. It had a sort of meandering quality to it that evoked in me a feeling of walking down a sidewalk of a war torn city. I liked the idea of it all building up into the crescendo of the chorus though I don't think I would have allowed for it to drown everything else out because I found it a bit startling. I imagine it was to convey the outpouring of grief that was slowly being built up? Not an easy feat to pull off seamlessly but I think it was really good. I appreciate the effort you made in your post and you sharing that part of your life in an anonymous thread so I wanted to make an effort to genuinely give you my input, not that it's really worth a shit but hey, it's the thought that counts, right?
Whole album is good if ur looking for feels

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>Gymnopedie 1-3 - Erik Satie
Posted this down hereI'm also a fan of the Gin Blossoms(brutally depressing given their backstory) and Radiohead. I'm familiar only with the names of the other bands you posted but not with any particular songs aside from a few from Megadeath.

reddit meme show.

How log have you been lurking?

This was my post retards, best song your gonna fkn find on this shit

What's depressing about their back story?

It's good, but I feel like I'm in a fkn jungle listening to it

All the lyrics were written by a member of the band, I believe he was the guitarist, who killed himself before they even broke out and became known so it makes the songs particularly sad to me knowing the thoughts belonged to someone who couldn't deal with living.

Thanks user. Yeah that part at the end I could never get quite right. Might work it again with some new software and make a 4th version. Thanks for your kind words I am glad you enjoyed my music. It didn't have lyrics but it still felt like how I felt after Trielle "died" so i was happy with it.


Yellow Cat/Red Cat by Say Anything

user who posted the big music list here.

Doug Hopkins, lead guitarist of the Gin Blossoms, struggled with depression and alcoholism. He wrote their first album and most of their second was pieced together using his ideas. The band fired him as soon as recording sessions for "New Miserable Experience" were over due to his alcoholism. Afterward the band exploded and Hopkins got to see his former band get huge off of songs he wrote.

Hopkins ultimately ended up shooting himself in the head with a .38 special revolver.

Yeah, dude. Keep refining it. I've heard stories about other musicians who would spend years and years tinkering with their songs until they were completely satisfied including Leonard Cohen who wrote Hallelujah and never felt like it was to his liking even though many musicians covered his song and made it their own unique style. Also, sometimes instrumentals work just fine, particularly since you accompanied it with a pretty thorough backstory. Like I said, it allowed me to have my own vision of the story instead of, perhaps, being led in another direction of someone else's making-not that it matters too much, if you feel comfortable putting lyrics onto it, that's your own choice obviously.

Do you know if they at least threw some money his way?
I wonder if/how long he would have lived had he not been kicked out of the band. It's a real shame. I always found "Hey, Jealousy" and "Found Out About You" haunting because of this story.

Guy who always posts Mountain Goats music in music threads, so here you go -

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Vashti bunyan is typically a good bet, Train Song is one of my faves

Fuckin trips

Your mom got the train run on her by black men