Why do you smoke?

Why do you smoke?

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havent but i reallllllllly need a pack rn

i dont because i watched my dad die in front of me cause of cigarettes

u gigantic fucking pussy u dno what life is untill u know how pathetic u truly are by rummaging through the trash looking for ciggy butts coz the 2am shop has closed

People just lose their value the second they even start wanting cigarettes. The point is to shun the idea that you need cigarettes when infact there is no such thing as addiction. You simply cave in to it or not.

my dad smoked until he was 92, and he died from a stroke unrelated to smoking

your genetics just suck user

27s like a fucking normal fucking person should

>being too poor to afford a carton

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I don't

Juul is ran by tobacco exec's and they are purposely stearing the vape industry into the ground with the whole teen thing.

While you're told to suck down combustibles because it's a FDA approved death

Because it's nice to smoke when drinking.

t. social smoker

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You kind of people are the worst, i bust my ass 85 hours a week to afford my addiction and you fuckers have the balls to bum half a pack at a party because you think it's fucking nothing

Because some days, nicotine keeps me from doing some stupid shit.

Besides, I go through a pack every 2 months.

>I have. a problem so everyone else should too
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It feels good to have one in the evening, just contemplating life and stuff

How much are cigs in America? The cheapest ones cost about CAD$13 in Canada

I'm not a smoker but I think it depends on the state and if said state has anti-smoking taxes

Because nicotine is my everyday stabilizer.

About the same in USD, so in other words slightly cheaper than Canada do to conversions and purchasing power shit

I usually chew, when I go out drinking I'll buy cigarettes. Nicotine by itself is a stimulant, like drinking coffee, so I do it to keep a keener perspective.

I smoke camel wides but never in my home or on my property. I make sure i go to crowded places with the intent to expose people to 2nd hand smoke.