Gibs rekt

Gibs rekt

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She tells him "Thats not a real gun" then gets shot.

Heck I'd still run even if the gun is fake.

Pussy. I would pull my gun out and show him that is was bigger than his.

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No, 'she' said, "Why did this have to happen when I'm walking?" And then the braindead leftist Owlkin, waddled away...

I'm sure you would.

do you not carry?

You're sure I would

Did he legitimately just punch them? Why was the reaction so delayed?

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This is why people think Sup Forums is gay

Throat clogged

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that is fucking metal

whats up with all the dubs in here

The guy who goes down the stairs gets me.
What's going through his head? Just keep running and maybe the fire will fall behind?

9gag called and want their forced memes back

Throat clogged

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You will die alone.


-Omae wa mo shinde iru
- Nani??