Hey, self defense specialist here (H2H mostly), what is your pla in you're attacked on the street by a random male...

Hey, self defense specialist here (H2H mostly), what is your pla in you're attacked on the street by a random male? I'll praise/critique your plan /10.

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Fall on him. I am obese American. Cannot fail.

Shoot him or stab him, because I carry a gun and knife.

I always carry a concealed asp, my plan is to aim at the head and strike with maximum force until he's no longer moving.

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Try to get away, if that fails, discharge 9mm until he stops.

run away

Attacked how?

Grabbed from behind/front? Neck, wrist, collar?
Punched? Knife brandishing?

Can't answer without better information.

I carry a pocket knife at all times, I use it for work and it helps me feel safe when walking home at dark.

When I was homeless, I used to carry a taser, I figured the sound would keep people away more than a knife would.

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act like a crack addict screaming somthing along the lines of oh no the bogeyman and scurry off.

You'd be surprised how effective generally acting subtly crazy & like you don't give a fuck is as a deterrent.
Especially around negroes. Negroes don't like crazy. It's unpredictable.

Likely to avoid any pride related attack. 5/10
You'll be up against an equally average person, you lose here. 1/10
If they're unarmed that's fine. Otherwise unnecessary escalation is dumb dumb. 7/10
asps are better for jabbing mate, esp the body, head is the best target but it moves a lot. Try stick and move. Regardless, better than av 7/10.
Best weapon move, escalate/avoid foremost, just give warning and you have a rounded answer. 8/10
Add your own context and answer it my guy
The confidence factor is huge, just keep it on your far side first and plan your strikes moves prior and reset to position. 6/10 potentially (Probably higher with your survival background)

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get separation by any means possible and run. i dunno if jermal has a knife or not. im out.

If person is unarmed punch him right in the jaw. I trained muay thay so I'm confident in my abilities to KO a person. If he has a weapon - run.

>asps are better for jabbing
Always worried I'll jab too hard/in the wrong way/at the wrong angle & it'll collapse on me. Most times it seems stable when fully 'telescoped' but I have shit luck.
Will keep in mind however.

I'm a former infantryman, when being attacked there's no such thing as "escalation."

Opening with jaw punch is good if you played your cards right. Otherwise weird opener when you have the fight skill advantage.

>hand over money to descalate
>when he has back turned after taking money pull my pistol out
>use racial slur to get the redguard to turn around
>2 in the chest 1 in the head

Dead men tell no tales anons. if your attacker is dead they what you say happend is what happend.

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The king thing comes from framing. Max strength is at full extension or retraction, so you can't over jab unless you lean into it and lose footing. You do have a point on the weapon you're using as mine have only been collapsable on concrete. hit the tummy and you'll be fine, plus if both hands go to the weapon, they won't stop the strike and you can follow up with an undefended handed strike

>You'll be up against an equally average person, you lose here. 1/10
I think you underestimate just how obese we're talking here.

Love this mentality, all or nothing. Never fight to see another day. 6/10

Unrealistic scenario. I live in western europe, my city has few junks and few sandpeople. The sandpeople that are here are quite good integrated. People greet each other on the streets. 35k city. Maybe once a year something happens.

Also for follow up, attack/jab the direction you plan to move and you minimize the footing issue. Good luck mate

Create a scenario and your response and I'll happily comment.

I answer in batches, so don't be mad if I haven't rated, just doing em 5 at a time + If the thread slows I'll do individual. I'm active.

Grabbed by arms from behind.

1. Rear head butt if close enough.
2. Shin scrape into heel stomp on opponents foot.
3. Stomp the fuck out of foot until grip loosens (squat and thrust arms forward when tension loosens). Keep chin tucked against headlock choke.
4. If break is successful, run.
5. If partially successful (one arm breaks free) grab opponents arm above his grabbing hand and hip toss (you're already crouched). Then run.
6. If not successful at breaking, opponent should be against your back, and more upright. If holding at wrist (unlikely as a good thrust and twist should break grip), stand up with rear headbutt and repeat. If holding at elbow, rear headbutt or if slack enough, grab opponents lapel over my shoulder and hip toss. Then run.

Thanks for the advice, will keep in mind.
Almost like a sixth sense they have about whether you're armed or not, started carrying mine after a jump/mugging & haven't been bothered in the years I've been carrying it.

Why? If you want to KO a person always aim for the jaw. Not nose, not eyes. Not the skull.

>use racial slur
How could you just assume your attacker is BLACK user? HMMM?

>sandpeople that are here are quite good integrated.

The exception to the rule by far. Likely do to them not having numbers in your area.
The more and more sand people that come the less and less they intergrate.
The peaceful ones are there to pull the wool over your eyes. By the time enough of them are there that you question it your city is to far gone.

Unless europe gets its shit together it will be an islamic state within 50 years.

Then you can look forward to your country looking like a more devloped middle eastern country.

Not sure if germany can be saved at this point though. they have so many there and they dont have to stomach to round thema ll up and send them back to whatever sandbox shithole they fled for that sweet sweet western free shit tax payer spooge they keep guzzling.

Really good flow, great contingencies. 7/10
An issue is the rear headbutt being used too often as rarely does a move work after 2-3 hits. If at the wrist, lock your hands together, more than doubles the frame, you can start turning and throwing (Which it seems like you know), once that happens as they can't isolate a limb. S grip/Gable grip/Anything>>Free hands. Your front foot should be able to come across between you and the assailant too, also, stomp in that direction to face the attacker once you have your hands clasped. All of this may be info you know, just giving the advice regardless. Good luck in any event. Great answer,

If im being attacked then chances are it is a non white.

But just to be sure i know a racial slur for every race.

If it's with your rear hand than you're liable to over commit as an opener, if it's front hand (Unless you've got that killer lead hook/fadeaway check hook) than itmay be tricky. Lower down on the chin the better as well (I trained MT for 4 years during me undergrad, though never got Nak Muay good at it to be fair.)

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Utilize a variety of grappling and striking techniques including groin and eye pokes in effort to out skill my attacker in either facet. Quick and calculating reactive and active strikes while also maintaining caution for knifes/mace/tasers/blunt objects/ controlling and waiting for the attack to exert themselves. If they have gun best option is to flee though.

I’m just joshing, prepare that N bomb cause you’re being mugged by a nig

Yeah. Rear headbutt only gonna work once maybe twice. Shoulda splained that. That said, it's the most effective move if it lands (throws can be countered), so prepping or positioning for it is advisable.

Im sure he's just talking about a cross

Excellent ideal, but hard in execution tbh, a plan isn't as good as a framework in high stress situations. Also, dirty fighting immediately isn't great due to the unnecessary escalation, if you have to stack eye strikes/groin strikes it means you didn't win with one outright and now you can be a target of them yourself. Great idea against the gun. 6/10

Then yes, rear hand strikes aren't the best opener.

I answer with the info given but try to better understand each poster and assume they know more if they show it. I felt like you knew this and I may have misread due to you having multiple plans. It definitely is in that situation immediately as the bridge of the nose draws hands when hit.

The same thing I always do.

Slowly pull out my wallet and hand it to my attacker. The moment he reaches for the wallet I attempt to disarm him or cheapshot him. Then I take his wallet or the crumpled up pile of ones in his pocket depending on his skin color.

These are the wages of sin.

Actually I answered this in the context of my job, when I usually encounter random agressive males.

In a normal engagement I stay on my feet, maintain early aggression, pepper in some kicks because people aren't usually ready for that. Try to finish it early with a knockout since I have lung problems.

The bait and attack is good, but throwing it is even bettter. 8/10

Groin strikes and eye pokes are just for vision obscuration and to open up your attackers guard if things get deep. Also its unlikely to one shot someone when your the one under attack. Also just being attacked randomly on the street, things are already pretty escalated so its really not something to be concerned about.

You don't get the levels, though you do get combat. Your opponent is unlikely to fight dirty initially but would if you do. Whatever you bring to the table, expect to eat it in the worst-case scenario. Works for armament doctrine too

Well, considering I'm usually out there jumping people, If I suddenly get attacked by a rando on the street and he's not holding a gun I would just shiv his ass.

Its really only if you need use it for the opportunity to turn the fight in your favor. Keeping in mind that your the one being attacked your opponent has already most likely hit you with a cheap shot.

Kicks aren't grand, halving your base for anything less than a crippling attack (Sans oblique and turning low kicks) have been bad in my field. Though knowing your limitations are always good, 8/10

Depends on the context which is post specific. You've got a point regardless. You shouldn't use it as a turn, use it as an end. Unless you're cool with getting your eyes gouged.

Im basically just saying to use groin strikes and eye pokes if you absolutely need to its not a necessity nor indicitive of my personal preference of my personal fighting style but just be willing use if time comes.

Then don't pose it forefront. You're limited in this forum my guy

I'd kick them in the balls as hard as I can. I'd run after or kick them when they are down.

if you say both, you assume more than one attacker, rarely will 1 attacker work on 2+ attckers. Kick and run 5/10

Scream like a chimpanzee and piss on his shoes.

I dont have a handgun carry permit currently but if anything I do always had some form of blunt object, so first part would be run while running get 911 on the phone that way if anything happens I had already had them on the phone, next hide, anywhere really but be ready to fight with everything i've got tooth and nail and if all elses fails attempt a disarm.

You lose on fronts you weren't attacked on 4/10

Probably just try to gtfo, if it's bad enough I'll probably just employ pic related.

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Being bullied in elem for being a part of drama class left me with two things: I'm a good actor, and I'm paranoid and very violent.

For my paranoia, I never leave the house without a knife. It's a small, folding one, but I keep it sharp and I can unfold it very fast and with just one hand (I practice).

So if someone jumped me, I'd fight to either the death or very near. In situations like this, I don't believe in fair fight, so I'd kick, punch, bite, claw... anything just to get my attacker off of me. And once I'm free to move, I bring out the knife and move in faster than he can react.

If they try to mug me, I can put my talents to use and pass off as a mentally deficient giant (I kinda look the part, so that helps). I'd "be" compliant and frightened, until I can get close enough to move in for the strike. You'd be surprised how well this works.

Don't overfight, otherwise very aware. 7/10

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I am definitely warning my friends about the deadly concentration of JPEG artifacts in that pic first.

Unrelated to the topic. You're a bitch