Freeze Thread, just to give me a break from the cubes. Here’s frozen Ruby to start off with

Freeze Thread, just to give me a break from the cubes. Here’s frozen Ruby to start off with.

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I missed the cubification of the girls I posted last cubed thread :(

Which ones did you post?

Whatever mental disorders you have seem fun. Keep up the good work


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and her

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Never seen shops like these but I'll try it

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Oh, I didn’t get down to either of those I had to do irl shit. The first girl is saved, I’ll post her cubed in the next cube thread

Alright, cool

Will do

Bumping because I’m playing vidya again, will start freezing soon though

you should do Greta. I was old enough to remember when scientists were warning about Global Cooling and the new Ice Age. In a few decades they'll probably go back to that.

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Froze Greta for the meme

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thanks :)

you'll see it again

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Okay, I'll bite, I'd be interested in a shop of her frozen if possible

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I’ma admit this one turned out kinda shitty

Can do

Try posting a photo that isn’t shit tier

Forgot image woops

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Is this one better??

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Maybe do this whore

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This one plz!

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Froze the whore

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