What does Sup Forums think of depressing music?

what does Sup Forums think of depressing music?

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It's kinda depressing.

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can feel this

i like it

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me too, but why?

dope band

sometimes it's just what you're in the mood for. also checked

indeed. i like Come To Grief better but posted above pic because i find it more depressing

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art is meant to evoke something from us
it's not always meant to make us happy
if you feel something at all from any piece of art it did its job
if all you enjoy is things that make you happy thats fine but really boring

>fine but really boring

did we just find the most based faggot on Sup Forums?

idk if that's a compliment or insult or both but I'll take it either way

I cant compliment fellow user's taste without first calling him a massive faggot.


ITT: user discovers the concept of pathos

hahahaha ok I'm cool with that. you're fine by me if you share my sentiments about art

why does half of it make no sense

>inb4 fags say I hate it. I like it, just wish I got it
>nb4 massive fags say I don't make my own. advice to do which is reason for this thread.

Depressing or angry music makes me less depressed. Except for Merle Haggard, who is just straight up depressing, because all he does is talk about how the country turned to shit and how the good ol' days were best.

half of what? depressing music?

Depends why it’s depressing. Sad music doesn’t depress me. Bad music does.

>bad music

god damn if that's not everywhere now

i dunno man, The Fightin' Side Of Me is pretty upbeat

music in general, I feel it hasn't really reached it's potential as far as influence and quality

I see all music as potential for emotional manipulation of some sort. That's why if you play depressing music around me or stick it in the middle of a commercial when I'm deliberately trying not to be depressed, it will annoy the hell out of me

holy fuck trips of fortune......OP is the one....

I love Type O Negative


If you see all music that way, why are you singling out depressing music as being annoying?

Shouldn't any instance of music annoy you if you think it's all manipulation?

OP/blessed guitarist here, I got everything in my mother's name but I'm still fly. it isn't over. it's just beginning. look forward to some good shows and god tier autism fren

Christian woman is my favorite

look at art this way
true art and commercial art
most of what we are exposed to daily is commercial art, it is made to promote something or generate profit
I hate using the term, but most mainstream art, music specifically, is fucking trash and devoid of any soul

knowing the two is learning true art, thak you user, will bear in mind