Trap thread

trap thread.

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make Sup Forums trap threads great again

droppin my kik for any slutty traps


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One of these days user. One of these days.
*sheds a single tear*

That one trap with the red hair from the last thread still here meant to ask her where she was from.

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maybe 5% of traps pass, and those ones are always taken up. Literally all this thread is is just scum-tier men trying to flirt with other scum-tier men in dresses and wigs

Sexy af

Well if they don't pass then they're not a trap. Simple as that. It is the only qualifying factor that should be considered. So 100% of traps pass because the definition of a trap means they pass.

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Makes sense. There's lot of places you'd visit before you go to the US

then we should rename this general, or tell the ugly men in wigs to fuck off

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To be honest the US is top of my list.

Go ahead my man. I'll be right behind ya.

I'd never date a trans girl but I'd be down to fuck one. Just never tried that hard to find one plus I've been dating the same girl for nearly a decade and I don't go out to find strange. Just sometimes I can't stop thinking about pounding a trap's asshole and jerking her little cock.


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You my man are what we in the biz call, a fucking asshole

Tell me you wont go to LA or NY

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the femininity is what gets me. I'm not into the whole "traps are women" thing. What attracts me is that a male demeans himself so much that he puts on a dress and takes estrogen to be remotely fuckable and socially successful in today's 80/20 society. I'm more gay than i am straight, and the whole masculine/feminine dynamic is incredible.

Text me (909) 821-5659

LA not a chance, NY maybe purely because it's NY and it would be cool to see some of the buildings but really that's not high on my priorities. I mainly want to visit the Pacific north west and maybe some of the mid west. And maaaaaaaaybe some places in the south if I have the money and time to go to all of those places.


Fuck you're like the biggest cunt there is aren't ya?

is your thong in your asshole

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Usually when people say they want to go to the US, its always those 2 cities, so it's nice when people go past those and like Miami and visit other places. The Northwest is pretty nice, anywhere but California

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nah, i'd say the bigger cunts are the females who put themselves on pedestals and contribute to mass inceldom. Either them, or the 6'3" blonde chad who fucks every female and trap in a 50 mile radius through tinder.

this, don't come to California. This place is a hellhole

Personally I don't think I'd enjoy hitting the major tourist places. I would want to actually experience what the country is like. It's been a dream to live somewhere in the north where it snows a lot but unless I at least visit I won't know if living there is truly something I want to do.

You just sound sad, old and bitter that you can't be that 6'3 blonde chad so you make up for it by being an asshole about everything

pretty much true. It's not like it makes much of a difference at this point - i just come here to save pics

Why don't you go put on a dress over it bitchboy?

High five bro.

not now

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For the catfishing I presume
I assume you're the same person from last thread that said they catfish

trips or quads determines whether or not i add my sissy/cd pics to my normie dating profiles while im drunk

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I wanna kiss that bulge and make it twitch

yeah. I love the looks on their faces when instead of getting blonde chad or black tyrone they get a manlet whos face looks like it got put through a meat grinder. females will do anything for chad, i've had many admit to rape fantasies, for example.

also asperger's has left with me with an insanely high sex drive. I don't go a minute in my day without thinking of sex, it's crippling, and anger is a way i release my bottled up frustration

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Of course :) Care to pull the panties aside?

Bull here
Would love to chat with a cute trap right about now

Kik: worldfamous999

>tell the ugly men in wigs to fuck off
That's what I've been trying to say for years
Gets drowned out by gay dudes who gas up anything with panties or long socks on, though

You guys are gross
I just want a cute trans wife to love

why not :3

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Why'd I get tagged here? I just said I don't wanna go to LA.

I meant the other post of similar length close to that one

that's why it's impossible for men to find dates these days. Men get so desperate they'll fuck anything, and suddenly women, traps, fems all develop super high standards only 14% of men can attain (6'+, chiseled jaw, dick size, etc)

Ah. Okie, I was super confused there lol.

scrunched up soles?

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drunk and horny so ask me anything

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post lots of feet pics

Let's see that ass.

like this?

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right here daddy

Needs a penis in it.

i agree

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gonna head home and make a request thread. anyone interested?

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more focused on feet, something like pic related?

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video of cumming on feet and licking it off?

How do you get you ass so smooth. I love it. Tell me please

got kik? or discord?

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Thats a nice asshole not even gay but id like to swirl my tounge around in it and smooch it

Yes slut


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Half of these traps are more attractive than my gf. What the fuck.

I got news for ya buddy
You are gay

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Holy fuck, those thighs

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There needs to be more big dick traps like that Korean one that was being posted a few nonths back

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make facepics like this again pls im in love with them
Or gifs

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Ass and asshole pics of her please
Who is she ?