Aspiring comedian here. Just got my first gig. AMA

Aspiring comedian here. Just got my first gig. AMA

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tell us a joke faggot

tell us a joke faggot (2)

>There are 2 posters in this thread.
Nice try OP now tell us a joke

What kind of comedy do you do? I always assume observational is the only form you can do for prolonged acts these days. You get like a 3-5 minute set?

My buddy and I love cabbage.
Isn't that weird?
Two dudes eating cabbage
We went a step above shaving the carrot
We go face first into that cabbage
Look at all the ladies! Lol

im not op fag


gay ass joke are you a comedian for a gay bar or something?

Point us to some videos that inspired you to become a comedian

Your not alone as you think you are

Warp my already warped mind bro...Go ahead

pic not related...but I can dream

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No but I got another one
So my buddy and I were shaving carrots together
He looks to me and ask why my carrot is so big
I kindly reminded him that he asked me to pick up oriental carrots. What did he expect?

To me Geroge Carlin was a comedic GOD....dude never embellished "The Human Condition"

We are all fucked...just some of us are more fucked than others

>dude bait and switch jokes with innuendos lmao
Yeah you'll no issues fitting right in with live stantup comedy.

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So you don't like it?

Comedy died, I saw this with my own two eyes. Chapelle tried, but he's a racist nigger Muslim. Do you have a valued race to allow you to be funny?

I have edgier ones too.
What's the difference between an Apple and an orange?
Don't matter to me. They're both gay as fuck.
Gays = fruits for those who don't get it

When do you plan on going on a talk show with clown makeup?

White suburban male, but that's part of my act

Not part of my act, but I'd love to be on a talk show

Wow, crazy man

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Jokes about being a slave owner go over well at evergreen college. Stream that shit dude.

Yeah, it would be funny if you survived