Ice cream is geeeeey

Ice cream is geeeeey.

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reminds me of boku no pico.

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welcome to the thread of sex offenders/soon to be sex offenders

How is that possible when ill never have sex?

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Fat people shouldnt have sex.

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How fat people who put no effort in themselves deserve sex over me I dont understand.
Fucking hate fat faggot losers. Id kill and fuck them all if I could.

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my first time on Sup Forums in years and theres four simultaneous furry threads

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Id fuck every fat faggot in the ass an slit their throat, fuck fat people fucking faggot fucks.

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its the personality mang. i may of gotten dumped but i already got a playdate on the 21st.

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Personality is bullshit, looks is all that matter.
People will let you beat them to death if you look hot. If you look not they want to make sure you never get sex.

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welp im fat and dont think i look too great and still getting it. try harder.

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You're not ugly apparently. Get it together retard.
You obviously a norman or Chad if you're getting sex.

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There really isnt

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I could be the meanest psychopath on the planet and still get laid if I looked like Chad

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Literally all I want in life is to look like Chad

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I want to be Chad, why is that so much to ask?

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then do it.

Im not asking for anything else, I just want to be Chad.

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Im not attractive enough retard.

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then work on becoming attractive enough. do it faggot. someone will find ya good looking enough.

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There is nothing more I can do to get more attractive. I cant get surgery or height increasing surgery that will fix my genetics.

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you would be surprised mang. still get called ugly but still out here just being me and getting some.

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You arent as ugly as me, retard. If you looked like me you would never get laid.

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u dont know that, u have yet to see my face.

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I dont have to see your face, evidence is in the sex, idiot.

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even fatbastard can get laid. u aint trying hard enough.

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Ive tried harder. Im below acceptable looks for sex.

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no such thing. shits only in your head.

stfu retard, yes there is such thing. Look at the 0/10 ratio. Chads are 10/10
Im stuck at fucking 0/10 NO ONE will let me fuck them no matter what I try.

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All I wanted was to get laid once, and I cant even fucking have that.
FUCK women
and FUCK men

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I dont want anything else in life, im only living to watch people die. Seeing people die is the only thing that pushes me forward. Because they took the only thing I wanted.

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well get fucking.

No one will let me, every sex I have would be rape.

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Nibi still at this all day every day? Impressive dedication over the years

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Its what keeps him going.

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Knowing when you die keeps me going. I deserved sex, not you. Fat lazy retard.

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>Nibi admits he needs Snarf to keep going

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Id fuck your ass if I could fuckign bitch

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Snarf is so gross though

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Idk where to ask this but this thread has the greatest density of fellow homos

does the self loathing ever cease

Read the thread, what do you think?

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Yeah it does, I got over it once I realised there's nothing really wrong with being gay and I was just raised to think so. It's not like you're hurting anyone (emotionally by your being gay doesn't count). At the end of the day you're just being true to yourself. If people think that's wrong well then boohoo

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I alreasy know all that but it doesnt help at all

I would literally fuck anyone, I just want sex

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Sex is the number one most important thing in life, everything else is secondary. Dont give me that shit on newton or tesla, Newton fucked men and didnt tell anyone and tesla fucked animals.

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I think this is gay.

Gay for you, bby.

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Well I don't know what else to tell you. There's nothing to feel ashamed of. It's all in your head. You've gotta ask yourself what exactly you loathe about it

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cos ur whiny and unpleasant

Go suck shit, cunt

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you're just proving me right

You arent worth a fuck. You would be an abusive asshole judging on your first interaction.
You'd probably just insult my dick size, my stamina, and whatever the fuck else sexhavers critiisize losers on. I rather just be a virgin than sit here, have sex with you and belittle me like the asshole you are.

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>I rather just be a virgin than sit here, have sex with you
this was never an option

So tired of trying to be nice to people and they find out im a virgin and they get mad. YEAH im supposed to be a sex god after 27 years when no one will have sex with me.

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Retard. Then say NOTHING

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So there, I just denied you sex based entirely on your personality. I have no idea what you look like. So now you can no longer complain that it is only your looks holding you back.

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>You need to be a sex god before you have sex
Just a light-hearted way of saying you need to be born Chad.
Literally all I want, I want to be Chad Thats all I wanted in life

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It wasnt personality, you judged it based on my genetics, fucking asshole. You knew I wasnt born Chad
If you knew I was chad your'd spread your asshole instantly.

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This guy has been doing this every day for years, don't even bother talking to him

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I'm not attracted to IRL men but I wanna get railed by a sexy male fursuiter

That's pretty gay.

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nobody thinks this way? having a partner with little experience is kinda fun. you get to teach them the basics

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