ITT: We post low-grade cyberterrorism ideas

ITT: We post low-grade cyberterrorism ideas

>hack recipe websites
>delete all lines mentioning baking soda
>plebs wonder why their cake is wet chocolate cracker

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>hack Amazon
>flood every product with 3-star reviews until weighted average is 3.0
>plebs unable to know if good or bad

>hack electrical grid
>shut off power for 1 second every day
>plebs constantly have to reset microwave and oven clocks

>hack youtube
>implement commentsection and dislike button for all videos - again
> all of youtubes worst nightmare come true - free speach and non-profitable opinions

>open system files
>delete system 32
>browse deepweb without tor
>FBI can’t track you

>hack church websites
>replace every photo of Jesus with this guy
>plebs stay home on Sunday/convert to Juslam

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>hack all volume sliders so they alway go from 49 to 51 percent
>Watch as OCD faggots seethe

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By order of the High Overseer Council this thread must not longer continue.

>code a virus
>it hacks your OS so sounds play through both the speaker and headphones
>the volume slider is frozen and any video source will continue to play during system sleep

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>hack India
>steal shitting street plans
>build in country
>become superpower by 2020

Off by one faggot, kill yourself

>hack pornhub
>delete all vids except angelina castro

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"Your wife will hate this!"


>hack gas station pumps
>1-gallon limit
>Earth is saved

>Hack the CIA website
>Replace the word "CIA" with the word "FBI"
>Hack the FBI website
>Replace the word "FBI" with the word "CIA"
>The CIA and FBI are now horribly confused and don't know what agency they're supposed to be anymore

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ITT alphabet groups try their hand at fishing with a net made entirely of used dildos held together by tape.

>t. An autist

make a server that infects computers that connect to you

>Hello fellow 4 channel users

>hack Sup Forums
>Replace every single thread with porn threads instead of legitimate discussion
>oh wait

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>hack leafly
>switch "indica" and "sativa"
>cashiers fall asleep at work/freak out at night

pretty good thread
idea make captchas so long that a website loses money from having less users

>Hack the Declaration of Independence and delete all the text
>The America belongs to Britian again

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>hack Sup Forums
>let threads randomly switch numbers
>let posts randomly get deleted or moved to other thread
>a normal day in hell


>hack a website so that all users need a captcha to post unless you buy a pass from the sites owners

>hack new york stock exchange
>display all stock prices in roman numerals

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>hack all wireless vibrators at once
>full power till batteries empty
>sudden stimulus will let women climax all over the world

Based and Romepilled

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>hack camgirl website
>free tokens / credits whatevs for everyone

gorilla glue parking meters...spray paint atm screens.

>hack superbowl broadcast
>replace with charlie brown gif on loop

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>hack microwaves
>let the beeper play the mario theme song while microwaving shit


>hack snapchat
>disable screenshotnotification

delete everyones facebook friends and replace them with myspace tom

>Hack into Pentagon
>Insert 99% transparent pepe into the background of every .gov
>Send chain email to every American citizen
>Epstein didn't kill himself

*honk honk*

>devalue the V-Buck

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>hack Sup Forums
>erase all mod accounts
>Disable thread deletion

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>Operation: ReciWebRedemption
>make recipe websites
>be lazy l33t’s
>just scrape existing
>only scrape the drawn out stories that are purely for SEO
>GoGo growth hacking
> make our sites rank the best
>peons use google and only check first page anyways
>spend minutes reading bullshit
>only to realize the recipe doesn’t exist
>we make sweet sweet Adsense dollars
>leave the instant-pots seeking meaning

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oh fuck this is so mean


>hack black people brains
>delete niggerish tendencies
>have a bunch of affluent dark skinned Americans wondering why the garbage known as rap was once popular.

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How about we hack a major cities water supply and take the fluoride OUT of the water supply!