Taking back the colors

Taking back the colors.
Reclaim the Rainbow
Take Pride
Laugh at crying Faggots.

Our Flag Now, might wipe.my ass with it

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Pretty gay of you

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>Laugh at crying Faggots.

This is what's wrong with America.

People who are not able to discuss politics, finance or science. They think it's all about who's happy and who's sad.

Silly, this isn't America. This is Sup Forums

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Still luminescent.

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got em

This would work a lot better if we just posted these to our personal Facebook accounts. Who's with me?

Eat my coco maggot

This is old and based

Why the livid Fuck would GloeNiggers want the Pride Flag to be Labeled a Hate Symbol by the ADL (if you wasn't a NewFag you'd know what I'm talking about)

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Reckless, just produce troll FB accounts

I might recommend anonymously contacting any popular FB groups you might know thatd be willing to share such memes.

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Edgy cool and hip teens on Sup Forums rn :)

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There is no pride in degeneracy.

Pride in our Race, Proud of our Faith. Pride in our Family, Proud of Ourselves. Our Pride, Our Flag.

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Kinda off topic, but I made this a while back to show my disgust for the rest.

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fuck you bitch faggot go to iraq so they can stone you to death

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Haha good luck with that

Fag, kys.

Also I kinda like it. Could you re-work or re-word it? Attacking the LGBT "Community " is nice.

Is isn't a Community, it's a thought Control Political Organization

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I’m not alone, a few others and I absolutely despise the “community”, as it has a completely wrong approach to things. It’s caused far more problems than it has solved, and in doing so, fucking destroyed cultures it exists within. I would not at all be opposed to those libtards being shot, and honestly, I’d join them as they’ve completely ruined everything for everyone, themselves included.

anime rainbow

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Not the best PR move for nazis but you guys do you

>faggot on suicide watch
Color me shocked.

Produced based memes before your death. Based Faggots might be allowed to live someplace near Auschwitz

>for nazi
Nah, strictly against Faggots.

Islam Raimbows are allowed and based.

Why stop there take sucking dicks away from those fags too while you are at it maybe even take a cock in the ass for white power?

user, having a Rainbow don't make you gay....

The Rainbow is a Gift from God, some.might consider the rainbow a Symbol of Christianity. Defiled by Faggotry

I don't care to have their Faggorty, I merely desire My Flag

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God Sup Forums, I live in one of the gay capitals of the US and probably the world, and am just so sick of them. They're so annoying. Why do they speak with that incessant fake lisp and sound so needlessly effeminate? Every time I turn around I see two faggots holding hands and kissing and shit. I'm tired of being called cute by gays however few and far between it may be. Why can't they be girls? Why do I have to live here? It's not like it's a particularly great place. It's a desert. One of the hottest ones in the world.
Ugh I hate california. A bunch of fucking liberals, faggots and smart cars

If I hadn't gotten addicted to an antidepressant I would have never gotten here.
It blows dick just like all the faggots here.

I will say the GHB is one hell of a great drug though.


Speed sucks ass.
GHB is much better, not only for you, but in general the high is quite nice.

Meh, I prefer the endless energy and overall good mood. If it’s a high I’m looking for, I’ll just smoke a bowl.

I'm a downer guy. I like psychedelics too. I just never got a pleasant high from any amphetamine, and only used them to help keep me from nodding out on heroin, oxycodone/morphone, hydrocodone/morphone, morphine, tianeptine sodium, barbiturates, or anything else really.
Meth made me feel way too awake and paranoid, I like feeling tired than tweaky.

When I was homeless and was smoking crack and huffing air duster, that was really where things went south. Air duster is even less pleasant and steals more of my soul than meth. It took me 5 years to recover from that mentally and my short term and cognition is still not as good as it once was

Were collectively just trying to bump up that trans suicide rates a few more points

Once it gets to fifty percent....we will ease up a bit

Imagine them raving to this on molly

only fags believe in race

>is isn't

Phew, we're dealing with some real wokeboi's here.

Jeezus, do you just hit the shift key at random?

Go take your rhetoric to a public setting, faggot.

Sad druggie incel complaining that only faggots find him attractive

Pure Thanos move.

I never looked at it this way, but maybe this is the way to world peace.

And the best part is if we all just stay in our assigned places, and learn to take care of the space that we live in, nobody has to die.

I never realized how beautiful segregation could be.

Thanks for opening up my eyes.

I've been wrong about multi-culturalism all of this time.

You dumb as fuck tho, just look at israel... Essentially three different types of people constantly arguing over a dumb ass building on a rock. Segregation helps jackshit.

If people would just stay in their assigned spaces, there would be no fighting. Why is this so difficult to understand? Israelis stay in Israel, and "Palistinians" stay in "Palistine" (Although there never was such a country)

Yes this