Why are most pedophiles registered Democrat?

Why are most pedophiles registered Democrat?

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Because there's more Democrats than Republicans


Because child traffickers offer great choices, protection, and disposal. No other group, not even NAMBLA offers as much.

Cos Republican pedos “commit suicide” in prison.

why are there so many russian shill threads? this gay shit is more boring and degenerate than the trap threads.

>Never heard of Franklin scandal
>Assumes it is just Democrats who are pedos

Imagine being this fucking dumb.

it must be something in the yarmulke

It's white noise and it's boring.

The do?

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weak and predictable

weak and predictable

Because you already knew it

weak and predictable

Yes the truth is rather frequently predictable.

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weak and predictable. also gay

weak and predictable

w h I T e n o I S e

Why is this bait to bad?

You are clearly very intelligent, well read, and articulate. What Russian university did you attend?

>Doesn't know Franklin Boystown scandal
>Didn't know that George W. Bush attended parties where orphan children were passed around by both Democrat and Republican staff and senators
>Didn't know George W. Bush himself liked to sleep with 10-14 year old boys preferably black
>Doesn't know about Mark Foley

Predictable is the shill who wont check his facts. The Republicans are the same as the Democrats, full of shit and full of Pedophiles. Washington, like Hollywood, is a degenerate shithole and pretending you're elephants are better than the donkeys just means you're fucking retarded.

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*correction it was George H. W. Bush not George W.

bill clinton is a rapist

Prove it.

Prove he wasnt.

Ha, check mate

Yes he is, so was George H.W. Bush

so was Obama

Honestly wouldn't surprise me.

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Prove a negative? lolokfam

They like to demo rugrats
plus most priests are republican and get away with it

>Things I don't like are proving negatives
Not how it works champ

>prove Clinton wasn't a rapist
>somehow not proving a negative
? ??? ???????

>Reality confuses me
Not how that works either champ. Need help with anything else?

[citation needed]

There's always next time, shill.

>People who disagree with me are shills
Nope, sorry champ. Next?

>Why are most pedophiles registered Democrat?
Why do Russians post logical fallacies?

But I have to prove trump didn't collude with Russia, so I'm confused here

Hollywood mad
CIA mad
FBI mad
Demacrats mad

Ama go out on a limb here...

Wrong on all counts. Not very good with logic or evidence, are you?

I know what gullible means
And I know how cops think when the examine a series of coincidences.

Once we do away with reason, I suppose reasonable doubt goes with it.

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ITT: Butthurt ruskies mad Putin and Russia are getting cucked by America.


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Nice non-sequitur.

Why did a Democrat have a hard time beating a Republican that has been accused of being sex offender against underage girls? thehill.com/opinion/campaign/360179-bill-press-pedophile-vs-democrat

You can claim that Democrats are more likely to be pedophiles but we have recorded votes of the majority of Republicans in support of a sex offender of underage girls. Actual proof.

Nice double standard

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