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hi Sup Forums
wtf is wrong with my tablet
there's this cum looking shit under its display glass... (it looks like cum when display is on, in this case its off, as its easier to make it show in a photo that way)
i was thinking its water damage, but 3 out of 4 of these tablets have this same defect
this cum isnt visible at first, but when you put it in your bag and carry it around for a sec it shows up. it doesnt show at all when used indoors (no pressure applied to the glass)
wtf is this shit? its a 2017 zte tablet sold for corporations (not sold directrly for consumers)

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I'm not saying its aliens....but.....

I'm in QC at ZTE and I make it a point to jizz in 3 out of 4 tablets

Humidity. Throw it in a bag of rice and wait a day.
Your house could just have a shitload of humidity inside, get your ceiling checked out yo.

i got these used few days ago

Then it was wherever you bought them.
Either way that's definitely sweat, you need to pull it out through osmosis.

how the fuck would rice work, this spot is in the middle of the display, rice cant get inside of it to dry it

My father owns a computer and general tech repair shop. That looks like the LCD fluid is leaking from the pixels. Easy fix, though... Literally just go to any repair shop and ask for LCD fluid (it's not available to consumers because repair shops can make more money by charging customers to fix their shit). Most shopowners don't really care so they'll probably give you like 2mL of LCD fluid for like a buck. Just dip a cotton swab into the LCD fluid and apply generously over the "cum" spot (like I said earlier, it looks like the LCD fluid has leaked from the pixels). It doesn't take long, maybe 1-2 minutes after applying the fluid to the screen to fix the issue. Reply for more details!

If the tablet has any holes, which im sure it does, the rice will draw the water out through there and absorb the water.
Get a bag of rice, stick the tablet inside, wait.

replying for more details

What would you like to know?

and btw this cum is translucent when the screen is on

well, i have no idea what you just said
im pretty sure the defect is under the glass... so no topical application will help

Trust me, most modern screens (let's say 10 years and newer) are designed to absorb the LCD fluid. It really is cool watching it seep in. Basically, a pixel cannot work without something to receive electricity, and the LCD fluid is what receives the electrical charge, and then transfers it to the pixel.

Yup, sounds like an LCD fluid leak.

all this sounds like complete bs

should i also go get some blinker fluid?

I know it sounds like bs, that's what most people say when they bring their device into our shop. But really, call any repair shop and ask. They can probably help you better than me.

Just talked to my father, who's the real expert. He said the LCD fluid is the "liquid" part of LCD (liquid crystal display). It absorbs through the screen and the liquid layer is around 10-20 microns thick. Excess application of the liquid is no issue because any extra will evaporate.

this guy is full of shit. Its just humidity, it won't cause any major problems, Try the rice thing.

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