Box thread

box thread

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Hello box

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Finally some new steel types.

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Good night~

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Here ya go
Also why are these called box threads out of curiosity

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G night
I don't know? That's a good question.

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Awww she wuvs her little man.

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Is there a techincal name for those xray cumshots? Asking for a friend

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I'm sure there is.
But most tags either list it as xray or internal

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Pokemon are stored in boxes.

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Check out this rock-hard fit beauty!

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She knows we all want her... and she doesn't need to read our dirty minds to do so.

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Oh my

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Psychic Types, you know.

On the other claw, pic related would love to join your inner 'coil'.

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I see.
Sexy Snek.
A fellow man of taste.

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Woman, actually. I prefer Fighting Types and anything in the Dragon Egg Group.

Give me a big, buff, busty Garchomp, Salamence or Hydreigon and I will be very happy.

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Wait, femanons look at porn?

Ah. What about a Machamp. Extra arms for extra hugs

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That's twice the wuv

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Yes, we do.

Extra arms for extra lewd as well... A Machamp could easily grope both of my boobs and my ass while fingering my quim at the same time...

I'm dripping just thinking about it.

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Well looks like we like the same horse pokemon.
To be held in Machamps big o arms.
Add that to another one of my gay fantasized that will never happen

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Moar like this?

Anyone got any buff Dragon Types?

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I'm looking

There is but it's rare

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Being fucked by a Mudsdale stallion would be awesome.

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Feeling him all around you.
His hot breath against your neck.
Your quivering body against yours.
White hot bolts of fun envelope within you as you feel his cock go wild inside you.
Each lingering thrust each twitch of him sending you electric shocks of pleasure as each movement becomes more unbreable with pleasure.

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rare but good

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That massive shaft head flaring even bigger, spreading your innermost depths wide as he gilts himself in you, sending you into an orgasmic frenzy...!

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No turning back now.
His love pours from you.
So hot and luscious
You start to almost faint.
His manhood slowly starts to move in and out.
More. All you want is more.

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These are so hard to find though.

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