Post that one game that changed your life

Post that one game that changed your life

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Diablo 2

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Nice pic. What about Fate Of Atlantis?

Loom > Monkey Island 2 > Monkey Island 1 > Indy4 > Indy3
Fite me.

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what a sad circle of old fucks are we in this thread.

ah I loved that game.

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Spyro 2

Worth mentioning that some gameFaq-esque online rag gave it low marks cuz they were too dumb to figure out the puzzles. THIS is the game that gives you the adventure-ego-boner if you managed to figure it all out on your own.

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Exile was a cakewalk in comparison, as was the original Myst of course.

Inspired me to become cartoonist. I ditched that dream and became an animator instead, but then my hand started acting up so I just decided to become a filmmaker.

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man! I totally forgot about this gem

Amigafag... Now that takes me back. 1991 was a comfy time.

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Amigafag here too...
Indy 3 was such a game... I never managed to complete it though, I reached the final temple a few times though, I knew the whole game by heart... but I never figured you could save so I always started from the beginning.

Oh no, I'm having flashbacks of the boxing minigame...

What can change the nature of a man ?

>games that can be more than "beep beep bloop bloop" are closer than you think...

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This little fucker. The story was that aliens were using computers to materialize and invade our world, I was geniunely terrified of this game, but I felt like I had to finish it to prevent an alien invasion.

7yo me was kind of easily impressionable.

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>Hey Rookie, F-18s don't grow on trees ya know...

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Alien 8 ... Around 1985

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I see your
and oppose you
>pic related

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I'm really sad that now that Disney owns Star Wars, we're never going to get another Dark Forces game.

Hmmmm...who thinks was him..?!!

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Take your fucking clothes off


>changed your life

>yes, I do live in a world where everything revolves around my needs and interests, why do you ask?

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artist? got more?

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That fucking Zeppelin! I'm still frustrated.

This was the first game I ever became obsessed with playing and it left me with an interest in all kinds of RPG games. Between that and pic related I think I was doomed to end up into things like WoW.

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inb4 zoomer, this literally changed my life

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wasted 3 years on this game at this point cant play it much cause shitty internet

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most based game ever

Little Big Planet