Homeless intersex person in the Boston area. Ask me anything?

Homeless intersex person in the Boston area. Ask me anything?

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did you play the new cod yet

Uhh, intersex?

One of the PC ways of saying mentally ill

not op but it means born with both genitals although one or both of them tend to be only partially formed

I thought that was a hermaphrodite?

I know what it means and all, but I'm curious if OP actually knows what it means.

so you are just a faggot who plastered your face with woman's makeup?

Full hermaphrodites don't exist. Not with humans anyway.

Does it smell? How do you stay clean?

so do you have a micro penis?

I'm medically classed as having an intersex condition so yes, I know what it means

I wear just mascara sometimes. Cant afford much else. Assuming you're just looking to be a hostile dicklord, tho. Not sure why I answered

Aight, cool. Some faggots walk around thinking it means non-binary or some dumb shit like that. Only other intersex person I have seen was born male and went through natural female puberty. If you will, describe to us please what yours is.

Post pic of your junk???

no it means intersex dumb fuck

hell yeah. im inter sex aswell, it's great aint it?

Show us your genitals?

Why are you homeless in a thriving economic playground

those nerdy glasses make your big nose look even bigger

Do I look better now?

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If you're homeless why are you wasting money on having a smartphone?

Because Obama phones suck ass.

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How old are you? 50?

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So... it's a vagina? What exactly makes you intersex?

Spread those lips sexy

Show your sex organ, whatever it is.

can you procreate with that?

How are you gonna survive the New England winter ?

She can come sleep in my bed for free

Can I?

Thank you. How about a nice sexy pic of you taking a piss?

You sure about that ?

You are beautiful

do you have a job or two?

you're homeless because you go out talking stupid shit about all these nonsense genders and sexuality.

Keep that shit in the bedroom and you wouldn't have been disowned from life.

Intersex is an actual medical and biological condition. I'm someone that was born incomplete or mismatched, however you want to look at it.

Not sure what I am looking at

Which bathroom do you use?

Usually female, but most bathrooms in Boston are neutral

Boston's pretty gay.

Look can we see your tits or not

why can't you find some boston dyke to take you in in exchange for circus freak sex?

Are you the same fag who pissed on the train

you're so hot I want to fuck you


Just make a youtube channel and stop being homeless before you’re murdered please.

so genetically, are you male or female?
"intersex" doesnt exist at the cellular level, unless you are a legit chimera, which are exceedingly rare.

OP's silence tells me this is bullshit.
Better luck next time.

That bathroom must smell terrible.

oh what up porter sq

where you chillin right now, ill come say hi.

You're retarded. Intersex is genetical sex disorders like hermaphrodites and such. Can you fucking use Google you millennial cuck.

It is. Intersex is the official medical term for the spectrum of those disorders.

I'd suck those lips all night.

Legit offer, if you can make your way to Sewaren, NJ, you can live in my house indefinitely.

You look awful
Legit making me nauseated.
Please KYS

Just clearing up confusion here

Intersex is a medical condition, ranging from errors on the sex chromosomes (XX Male Syndrome, Mosaicism, etc) or from other bodily issues such as with Estrogen/Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome

Their genitals can appear normal for their sex, a mix or partial formation of one, the other, or both, or they could have the genitals of the opposite sex compared to the rest of their body. Never thought I'd see another intersex person on here but just clearing that up lol

please more nudes, you're so hot
you should open a paypal that accepts donations

What is your specific condition?
Post nudes?

Mine is XX Male Syndrome

I have a normal dick so you dont want nudes lol

I mean, I like dick, but alright.

>I have a normal dick so you dont want nudes lol
lol...this is Sup Forums...so, yes, we do

intersex isnt always a genetic disorder, it is most often a hormone insensitivity disorder.

Have you considered that suicide would free you of the burden of life?

Not being hostile, but your situation is unlikely to improve. Just humane I guess.

Still gonna be a no from me lmao. Plus my bf would be pisssed

It's cool, just saying we WOULD like your dick IF you posted it.

I'd shag ya, yeah.

OP, you still here?
Tell us how you became homeless.

Don't fall for it, user. This dude wants to turn you into a skin suit.

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Guess I learn something new about this place every day lol

So you're XXY? I heard such a thing is actually weirdly common in mankind, often times it simply goes undiagnosed.

>implying that's not my fetish

Mass ave in cambridge

you should com to California nicer weather to be homeless

I am. Someone remembers that thread? Lol

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You're gorgeous.
I agree with this guy .

Stolen valor!!!

Disagreements with past landlords. I smoke a lot of weed and sometimes I do crazy shit.

Says meme war vet. I fought vigorously in the war of memes. I wear my patch with pride.

Somehow that just makes you hotter.

Try to move northern California, better weather, and plenty of sanctuary cities, and help for you.

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Yeah you are cute.

you may be homeless, but you're not one of the interesting ones with incredible intelligence like Terry A. David.
the sole coder of this beauty.

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You be squirtin a lot though, show me how that pussy gets juiced

davis square

>So you're XXY
Just XX and one of them has some weird broken thing attached or something

XXY is either Turner or Kleinfelter Syndrome I think

now i want to see genitals of intersex people. for science.

are you peeing in porter sq?

I'd pay good money to make you cum. Or at least see more.

I hang out there a lot.

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I have. I always use the Alwiefe platform. Less ppl.

most hermaphrodite porn is fake and gay. i want to see circus freaks fucking so i can laugh at them.

havent seen you around, post more pics!

Needle chan?

That random needle I shot up?

What kinda pics you want?