Password to the account is IHateNiggers6969

Password to the account is IHateNiggers6969

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doesn't work faggot

Sorry the h isnt capitalized

we need someone to verify it with a phone number, still got one tweet in though

Which one of you idiots already got the account limited?

probably whoever retweeted that kek

better than someone just stealing the account though

who has the phone code?

whichever of you has the verification code put it in so we can get back to using the accout

It's fixed, continue with caution


we have the first profile picture and background change

Stuff like this never works for more than a day

Bumping because of interest

it's dead jim

Bump bump bumpdy bump

the account isn't

who posted the booty?

someone @AmericanAir and call a bomb threat.


done kek


we must follow as many people as possible

Great, thw account is limited again
Use the account to spread the word about this too. We should do something about this.

anyone got an unused email?

first we need phoneanon again



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it asked for email verification but it's now asking for phone verification

The account, someone tweeted at Americanair with a bomb threat

[email protected]

"there is a bomb"

Is there a way to get around the phone thing?

Someone use their phone number and remove it after you put in the verification code.

anyone got an old phone they dont use that still has phone service

Join the discord server below the video if you would like to organize and do something about it.


Anyone got a burner phone we can use for this

cant tell if serious or elaborate shitpost

It’s serious, join the discord server below the YouTube video to eleborate more.