Ok American faggots we need you for this one in our quest for some good keks

Ok American faggots we need you for this one in our quest for some good keks.
Apparently you can drop a UPS form in the mail that can send mail from your old mail address to your new one in case you are moving out. But you do not have to give proof of ID in the form.
What I'm saying is that one of you could fill in that form with for example Elon Musks address which is this
>3500 Deer Creek Road, Palo Alto, CA
to your Address for keks.
I think Elon Musk would be a good candidate because he will like it for the meme of it and not press charges or anything, although we could choose a different candidate if one of you gets a better idea.
I got the info from this video
but i cant be fucked to look up the actual form because I'm quite stoned rn and bringing this idea to paper fucked me up in the first place

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You're gay but this is kinda cool

tl;dr: We can exploit USP to get some celebs mail

what the fuck are you saying retard

Send Elon musk several packages of potatoes from amazon, we need to overload him with potatoes.
Potatoes weigh about 5 to 8 grams each, if we all send him bags, we can atleast get several hundred pounds of potatoes to be in front of Elon musk's mansion gate.
We will make it very difficult for musk to lift the heavy potato avalanche.
He will be starchy.

sounds good

Ok so are we doing this? cause I'm fucking down

are you from america?

who knows

I am, bumping for interest

I will do it. Let me figure out a way to make this a little more anonymous

you could just buy some random shed or something and just put an elon musk namesing on it

You could make a virtual machine, make an account on Amazon and pay with gift cards? dont forget Elon's address ;)

Bless your soul user

It's USPS. And that would be a felony... For the lulz? Ok

Newfag. Lurk more
Anything is worth the lulz

I'm ordering potatoes from a local grocer because I want musk to have good potatoes, maybe he will make hella vodka with it or something. "SpaceVex"

you up for it?

top kek



die fag


It's also a felony, if not multiple felonies.

Doing it rn, I found a decent place that needs some support in my area, so I'll give to the farmers whilst giving maximum lols. I just gotta go down there.
Gos bless America fags.

Big old bitchpussy.

what felonys, and could elon choose not to press charges?

send proof fag


send this recipe too

Mail fraud

but its for the lulz, and elon would not press charges because there was no real damage and it was funny


Charges are never pressed by individuals. When people say I'm not pressing charges they mean they are refusing to make a statement against an individual. For minor crimes this usually ends in the criminal charges either never getting filed or dropped. The prosecutor can still press charges on individuals even if the victim doesn't want to provide testimony.

aa juge would probably not care tho i mean its just the mail of some dude getting rerouted to some retard for a day

Who tf cares it's for the glory of the internet, stop giving user second thoughts

Oh, this is serious on multiple levels. A judge will very much care about this.

Bumping 4 lulz

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ok, boomer

Jesus, why be such a fag. I mean its fucking funny let a mans do what he wants newfag

"Weh it violates the law w-" Fuck the law! This shit's funny as fuck and honestly kinda worth it.