Mom son incest thread. Post stories and images

Mom son incest thread. Post stories and images

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no stories, I just use her dildo sometimes and watch her home-made porn that she doesn't know how to hide properly. Have jacked it outside her door a couple times, listening to her getting fucked and moaning; that shit turns me on like crazy

IRL it's pretty rare though, isn't it?

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not as rare as you would think

Is she cute?

he said into the empty Sup Forums thread about incest

my mom has the best ass I know and I jack off to her constantly.
No real incest stories tho :(
Would also like to see her getting fucked in that ass of hers by some guys

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I know, there's not even any embarrassing amateur erotic fiction yet.

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goddamn more

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I have such a livid memory of my mom having sex with me when I was around 10. It first came up as a flashback when I was high as fuck. She rode me in my bed late at night until I came (no jizz yet). After that she cuddled me and we slept.

It must be a false memory or some dream I had but it still feels super real. Does anybody else have such a memory?

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U got Kik?

Of fucking your mom? We all have that memory.

fuck outta here with kik you boomer

ok normie

nah dont have kik. Why is the immediate response always do you have kik? What do you guys want lol

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to check the stock market

it's easier to hold a sustained conversation on there

This, don’t pretend like you don’t wanna have a good chat about what you wanna see your mom do. You’ve already entered the rabbit hole. Just go further

discord works too

To all whose unaware, this isn't his mom. It's the same pics that get posted in every mom son thread.

...and it couldn't possibly be the same loser? The pics aren't really good enough for someone to save and repost. There aren't as many people here as there used to be.