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LOL, white people.

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Imagine being so pathetic this is the only way you can achieve sexual satisfaction. Sad.

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You really showed him, user!

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Not really her fault; they even point out the sign is just jibberish random scribbles.

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Powerful stream! Trump would be all over this.


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I don't know. On the one hand he likes pee, but on the other she's black and he's a racist.

Family member just died. I need some gore to cheer me up.

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What a shame. Shes actually really pretty.


found the sjw

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I would get back up and pound that arse so hard

Wtf how

Shes pretty, incel.

It's completely her fault you absolute stupid nigger, what type of dumb cunt walks into a literal closed box of a room they just saw a car leave, she clearly shouldn't be in there, it makes no sense why she entered and it especially doesn't make sense why she continued to walk through heavy moving machinery. I hope the old cunt died

agreed. not too often you see ghetto black girls actually look cute

Let us bow down to the 14 yr old Edgelord

Think brakes went loose

lmao if you think that's sjw you must be a maximum virgin

have some big gay dude come and jerk it over your head

Nah that's pretty retarded to just walk right under that car

Shut up faggot.

Shit like this makes me not wanna get my full drivers licence


...13yr old

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"Begone... THOT"

My fuckin sides

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Hey i think ive done this in GTAV once

4channers: the clip

i love slamming children

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speak for yourself

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lol if they had banned murder this wouldn't have happened

That's why it's fun

I see your humor, but I do wonder what the sign really does say. Probably "Pedestrians use side entrance" or similar.

Wipe that smirk off your face!

you racist fuck black lives matter

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Fucking china

lol if they matter then why hasn't grembla blemthlurg gone there to tell them to tone down the violence?

cos jews dont care about blacks

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kek, what's this from?

This is definitely something that would have happened at my old high school

Holy fuck. Lost lol

its a youtube clip but thats about it the sound added very little

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Theres a air bag out of sight so hes good

I lost on this one

they killed these guys just for the guns.
this happened in south africa.

How dumb can you get?!

but how did they shoot them if murder is illegal?


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Yeah, he should go shoot up a ghetto like you do, huh?

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how die?

With guns, watch the video. Are you literally retarded?

I want to suck your big fat cock for posting this webm.

Niggers lose

I think youre the retarded one. They obviously can't just kill people because thats against the law.

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Turned to dust

Why bait in a rekt thread?

prepare to be disappointed

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If you're THAT unaware of your surroundings while looking at your phone, then you fucking deserve the results.

black on black crime just like most everywhere

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Play stupid games...

Oh I get it, you're saying guns should be illegal
Most of the world agrees with you
Still a retarded passive aggressive way of addressing it

off duty Mexican girl cop says bad nigger

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Which anime is this?

She's farting on him and they STINK!!