ITT: women you'd let treat you like garbage

ITT: women you'd let treat you like garbage

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My coworker who has a locker above mine and keeps shoving her big ass right in my face. Pretty sure she wants to smother me with it. Wish shed just do it.
Not her in pic, but its exactly what I see inches from my face 3-4 times a day.

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Lucky sod


None. If there are any behavioral problems, your skanky ass is out.


Dat date though

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ex use to cuck me sorta and i let her get away with it

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i shared her with a friend of hers, she never let me watch because her friend wasnt into that. they ended up sorta dating after we stopped

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show her feet more

You ever give it a sniff?

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Every chance I get. Usually smells like sweat and laundry detergent.
I never even cared for ass before either which is why I think she's intentionally conditioned me.


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Post feet

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I'd let her do anything.......sigh

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so whats the insta

Isn't this from a creep thread about her that she joined or something lmfao