This is YouTuber Amberlynn Reid. She's almost 600 pounds...

This is YouTuber Amberlynn Reid. She's almost 600 pounds. She has a "weight loss channel" where she's gained 200+ pounds.

She's got a new lymphedema below her stomach but like... is that her pussy? Is that above her pussy? What the fuck does she look like down there?

Also general Hamberlynn thread.

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thats the bottom of her abdominal wall, which a lot of fat got stored in and gravity is pulling it down

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Hot saving for later

But why does it look faintly like the outline of a pubic mound?

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abdominal wall goes allllllllll the way down to the mound mang, inside of the mound is part of it

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isn't anatomy great?

>have weight loss YouTube channel
>lose -200lbs
At what point do you just give up on it?

she does what makes her the most pity dollars and youtube bucks

No bro she gained 200 pounds

She didn't lost shit

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Do you think she's sexy Sup Forums?

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You see that little dash before the 200? that's a negative sign. Losing negative 200lb is gaining 200lb

her back boobs are bigger than her front boobs

wow that's convoluted


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She's honestly very cute. I would date her and help her try and lose weight. If her personality was insufferable or being around her was just cancer, i'd leave.

>If her personality was insufferable or being around her was just cancer
it is. also shes gay af as frick probably because no one will touch her but other fat women

I feel like you might not know anything about this girl outside of her photo... is that right?

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That is correct.

Oh! Good on you for being honest.

She's just lots of drama, if anything. I mean, the sheer amount of drama has driven people out of her life. And she's also almost immobile, which isn't very fun. She's also admitted that she causes problems when people try to limit her food intake, which would be a problem for you specifically in this instance.

I also think she was cute a long time ago. She used to put more effort in and she had something going for her, if you liked quirky lesbians which I do :(

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I do really like quirky lesbians but that is very sad to hear that she is the way she is. It reminds me similarly to Boogie's whole drama thing he had going on.
Although ah, I have to draw the line when someone is reaching near immobility but is refusing to make any changes. Immobility isn't fun for either person, and also food isn't free so that is kind of an issue in itself.

Fear not. She makes a fat check from Youtube and will give you lavish gifts for staying in her life.

However, the money is going to run out from going out to eat multiple times a day and the ominous medical bills that are going to be a problem in the future.

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Fuck. Should marry this chick. She ain't gunna last long... Get that crap money she has. #Notanignog

I love her. Unironically fuck the amberposters.

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maybe she can take the route boogie did and become a left wing sjw

Recently she said in one of her videos that someone stole her "#LOVEWINS" bumper sticker

She also has a lovewins or whatever gay flag and is a feminist and a lesbian

So I mean shes already there tbh

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>I love her

why, retard?

gee didn't see that one coming

I'd fucking love for her to sit on my face.


Your skull would crush like a grape.

Good. Live by the pussy, die by the pussy.

get some fucking standards

My standards are: 200lbs and up only.

how is this fat fuck still alive

Nudes please.


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I don't have her nudes...


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Her body looks like Fat Bastard’s from Austin Powers.

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>weight loss channel
>gains 200 pounds

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yeah lymphedemas usually occur on arms and legs, when you see those swollen limbs that look like they had a bad allergic reaction, this bitch seems to have that on her gut, so it's sagging down AND it's swollen

She should try to do at least one push up.

She couldn't do a push up because her arms are shorter than her stomach. You can't lift your body off the ground when your stomach fills the gap between you and the floor. She's 5'3 dude.

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Get better standards.

She's fuck, marry, and kill all rolled into one.

God bless you.

Someone has to fuck the fat girls

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The next step up is 300lbs and up only, and that's just not realistic.

You're goddamn right.


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I screenshotted the moment where she heard the scale tell her she had gained 4 pounds overnight

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Most slaton beauties


Uh... are you sure...?

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Weight loss channel and gained 200 doing it. Fuck and i thought i was doing bad in life.

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Yes bro

Are you... really sure?

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Threw up half way through this thread

Sorry user.

Want some eye bleach?

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yes i hate fat people

Yes :^)

No, but if still smash just for the experience. I’d even put some effort in, get her to orgasm a couple of times. See how open minded she is then block her number.

How is the thread THIS LONG without pix of this gal naked?
WTF, y’all...?