Whos Sup Forums voting for? Im voting for pete buttigieg because its about time the lgbt takes office!

Whos Sup Forums voting for? Im voting for pete buttigieg because its about time the lgbt takes office!

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I'm voting for trump because billionaires are honestly getting screwed over and need lower taxes.

Also I like people who pander to me and lie a lot.

cute bait


Trump because at least his craziness is several notches lower than the average mouth foaming Democrat nutter.

This. Better a somewhat unhinged known product, than the far left-pandering psychotic Democrat candidates


If the democrats run with Michael Bloomberg, then I'll vote Trump. His incompetence at turning the most basic of presidential responsibilities into silly scandals limits the damage he can do.

Otherwise, I'll vote for whoever the democrats field once they're done fucking around and settle on someone.

i'm voting for the fake indian

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Vote Bernie Sanders instead, he says trans rights!

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The only pillow biting in the White House should be a female biting the pillow.
We won't elect a fag, c'mon...

America elected a nigger whos also a fag. C'mon...

Trump or Warren. Or both.

It's kind of unfortunate that he's gay for he makes more sense and seems more grounded than the other Dems. America will not elect a poof because the ignorant think he'll force his views on us once he's in office. America will always be stupid.

Anyone know who the libertarian candidate will be? Have they decided yet?

bernie sanders. this country sucks so much corporate cock and its retarded.

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...and Bernie's gonna change all that?

I know it's bait, but this kind of thing actually happens. "I'm voting for a gay because he's gay."
Just like they wanted to vote for Hillary because she is a woman. Just like they voted for Obama because he was black. People are just that desperate to be a part of "history making" and to be "represented". They throw reason and logic and everything else out the window for their own self interest. And I don't even vote because it's useless.

he very well may. he doesn't take any superpac money and the corporate politicians and media clearly hate him. he cant be bought

Trump cause at least he gives a shit about this country and isn't completely fucking insane

I'm not American but I feel that neither Bernie or Tulsi will get the Nomination. They are against the establishment in so many ways that the permanent state will never allow it. Pocahontas has proven that she Will play boll by taking donations from lobbying. I just wish that Bernie still stood by "no open borders" and that it was a Koch brothers proposal

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Americans please don't open your borders like we in Europe did. We are dying because of it

your an american you concern troll cretin

>No Problem badgrammarfriend

>gives a shit about this country
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But whats the deal with "trans rights" it only affects a very, very small percentage of the population. How come this is a big issue? The need of the many outweigh the needs of the few-Ambassador Spock

I don't like doing the "you think Hillary would be any better" But I do think America would be at full-scale war with Iran if she was president. The queen of warmongerers

> *you're. HA, i got him!

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both of them suck fat cock. anyone who thought the other was better is brain dead.

Trump, all the way-

Not sure. They're a tiny portion of the population, so if they want non-discrimination then that should be fine. Hell, even cats and dogs have some rights in this society, and it should be that way.

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I'm voting for Hitler.

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Hey, that's not a bad picture of you user. But thank you! It's always nice to help a dear uneducated friend in need of an English lesson! I do what I can!

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