Drawthread oops i molested my pets and whoops i accidentally told people and whoops i posted my nudes here and whoops...

Drawthread oops i molested my pets and whoops i accidentally told people and whoops i posted my nudes here and whoops drama and whoops edition

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How is it "lying" if you never disclose personal information to begin with? How would you obtain said information you're referring to?

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most Op's do. That is perhaps the first honest post i've read here all day.

Can you make Timmy Turner making love with this woman?

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I would like Luna fucking with the dinosaur as in the picture.

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Requesting Roxanne and Stacey dressed as maids lifting their skirts to show their panties. Or lack of them.

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Warning! DO NOT draw for this guy! He'll just keep asking for more, even if you deliver for him!

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Rider, my heart longs for thee.

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1 req?

he's learning, what a smart little child

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Imagine being this obsessed.


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Cute kissing

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Draw a hand

Leave faggot

draw a man eating a burger and crying

take your meds

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imagine using buzzwords to deflect negativity off you

That's what Vorefag did.

In shadows case you got this backwards.

Guess again mother fucker

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The real problem is the avatarfagging. No other drawthread allows this. No other board allows this.

You have a group of people that go against everything Sup Forums stands for, anonymity. They're attention depraved faggots because everywhere else they've tried to post their "art", they've been thoroughly ignored because their shit is boring, poorly drawn, and lacks any sense of creativity. So they come here in one last desperate attempt to form a following. And truth be told, they don't even manage that. Their only following are other avatarfags stuck in the same predicament as them. They interact with each other out of pity.

The avatarfags end up forming some sense of community this way. The problem is, they're all mentally unstable attention whores. They end up shuffling their way onto chatrooms like Discord. It's here where a lot of the problems start. Like I said, they're mentally unstable. The moment someone makes some snide or passive-aggressive comment there, the moment it all goes downhill. Even the slightest amount of criticism is enough to send an avatarfag over the edge. But because they're pussy faggots, they're not man enough to confront each other directly. They have the mental maturity of a high school girl. They start shitting the thread up under user, attempting to turn the thread against the avatarfag that pissed them off. This is how almost all of the drama and shitposting starts.

Sometimes, we'll even get to a point where someone gets doxxed such as the case with YV and several others before him because of the shithead comments they made.

It's to be expected though. Sup Forums attracts the most mentally ill people. This is counterbalanced with anonymity however, to keep things under control for the most part. But the moment you take the anonymity away in the form of avatarfagging or namefagging, you lose that balance, and all hell breaks loose.

Moral of the story. Don't avatarfag. Discourage avatarfagging. Shun avatarfags

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Still here. Requests?

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/r/ your final form

Which one is better?



>they have to result to doing request to stay relevant in today's threads

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Requesting your thoughts on these two video

I will pass from this Earth with brain cells dedicated to storing the image of Shadow's penis.

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Attention to this.


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If people didnt want to see avatarfagging they wouldn't come to the only threads it's allowed.
Blows this whole pasta out of the water.

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That's kind of amazing if you think about that.

leave faggot

Just as planned


Still..think about seeing an image of Shadow's penis. His whole dick and taint and thinking "I need to save this to my computer", and then doing so. Clicking on them, doing the whole "save as" deal. And then thats not it.

You then think "Well gosh howdy I need to make a compilation" and including his dick and taint. Copying them onto the canvas...resizing them..thinking "wow this sure is the optimal size for Shadow's balls and taint on this image. The ball to quote ratio on this shitpost is cash money". And then posting it.

Posting it every fucking day. Sitting around waiting on Shadow of all people, and posting it EVERY TIME YOU SEE HIM. Does he get excited about it? All that hard work. All the time spent looking into the darkness of Shadow's balls. The pixels. It's wild.

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i don't have time to read all this cringe

Blows the mind.

you must be confused, it's not gay if it's informational.

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This dude looks like SCP-106 when he was younger wtf.

/r/ Slime girl (not furry) spreading butthole

But what if it's gayformational?

can you put the changes you make to these in greentext? I don't want to have to reread the whole thing each time to find the small new bits of text

made me laugh

I thought you meant shadow the hedgehog

>when you think about defending an animal molester
>when you forget you molested your own kid with a fat bitch
>when you're black

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Requesting Bee girl being slightly pleasured by her transformation

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You're here like all day. You got all the time in the world, dont lie.

fucking lel
I closed my tab the first time that image almost popped up with mouse hover

Listen up fuckers, I've decided to take my time to write this for you all.

This place IS a trap. To anyone that posts here. Avatarfag, drawfag, or user. It's only a place of madness and you all fell for it. There will never be a time of pure happiness, because there will be someone to ruin it, such as me, you, or some random faggot. It's truly over, and the only way to win this game is to quit posting altogether. You can say "don't like it? leave." All you want, but it's not about not liking it, but sending a message.

This place promotes and encourages toxic behavior between us all, which makes it a bad place for drawfags to actually post here. People will never be satisfied, from repeat requesters to dramafags. This place will never get good, even when it feels like it.

Secondly, the avatarfags. They're a symptom of this type of behavior. Re-enforced by newfags, and other avatarfags. They represent why drawthreads utterly fail. Because there's no clear way to stop them on Sup Forums. It's why there's always a divide between user and them. They focus on attention whoring rather than pure content. The ones that do rotate between avatarfag and drawfag, ABUSE this purpose in a sense to gain a small amount of attention, before utterly, returning to avatarfagging. It's why there's always drama, there will never be a pure light-hearted interaction between these people. They focus on themselves rather than a community.

Lastly, the people who enable this. Another big factor on why avatarfagging is so vacant. Everyone is out to enable these people, via samefagging, or just newfags. At no point is there a moment where some random avatarfag gets no (you)'s. Because of their nature. It's all the same with these people.

I urge you to take control and represent what drawthreads SHOULD be like. A community of people who truly enjoy drawing, not gaining attention.

tl;dr this place is bad and we are too.

Haha drama

>inb4 fuck you cunt

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fuck off loser

You've just become a cool boy.

((hello gamer))
haaha dramaa in ur face

here for whoever asked for it

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You up for this one smily?

I'm gonna break it down for you simpletons.

Sup Forums drawthreads are shit. Seldom do drawfags come here. The only people that really populate these threads are retarded spergs, requesters, roleplayers for fuck sake, and avatarfags that pretend that they're drawfags. You can largely blame the latter for the state of these threads. They see this place as a chatroom where they draw reaction images of their avatars, not a place for requesting and creative drawing. Avatarfags actively scare off drawfags when they do happen across these threads, whether through excessive attention whoring, forced namefagging, or shitting all over them because "they did the wrong request." Not to mention you have to deal with them pretending like they know anything about art.

All other boards' drawthreads have a clean format that encourages deliveries and creativity. Even /trash/ drawthreads are in a better state than Sup Forums drawthreads, and honestly, that's fucking sad. Avatarfagging lands you a ban, and namefagging is extremely minimal. All drawfags are thanked greatly for their work by the requester and other anons. Good deliveries get the honor of being included in the next drawthread OP. Some of them even offer critiques and constructive criticism when warranted by other drawfags.

In brief, Sup Forums drawthreads focus around the individuals that FORCE identification on its posters. All other board's drawthreads focus around the content in the threads.

The root of the problem is the avatarfags. They're the ones that force the identification, not only on themselves but on other posters. They only care about the persona. Take away the avatarfags and you lose this corrupted culture. Things will return to the norm that is traditional imageboard culture, the focus on content rather than the user. Not to mention the corruption proceeding the future of these threads with anons directly roleplaying with these people.

You can naysay all you like, but it doesn't change the fact of the matter.

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>Sup Forums drawthreads are shit.
These threads are amazing if people are this addicted to them.

>not being able to manually select what to keep through dreams

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Hey debil show fangs please!

doing reqs?

Do you have an animated version of this? also requesting bird doing this: i.imgur.com/jR6GyRl.jpg

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fuck off

Huh? Me?

HahaHaha omg fr yo I love drama!

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The true problem with Sup Forums drawthreads is the focus around the individuals and not the content. It's literally the opposite of what imageboards were created for.

The people here FORCE identification onto the posters here. People will blame the avatarfags, and while they are in part responsible, they're not the root of the problem. They're merely a symptom, a symptom that reinforces the negative behavior of focusing around the individual, the persona, and not the content being produced.

You'll see that other drawthreads focus on the content. Hell, you'll see that on literally every other thread on the site. It creates a unique, and ultimately positive, culture that focuses on the production of entertaining and intellectually vigorous content, depending on the board and thread that is. Imageboards were designed to negate the individual, the persona. They're designed to destroy any attempt at attention whoring. It's why we have no likes, no favorites, no user accounts, and with Sup Forums in particular, no namefag option. There's a reason why people on imageboards generally dislike namefags, tripfags, and avatarfags. It's because it's a direct attack on the very culture of imageboards. No one cares about you. They only care about the content you post.

Yet here, in these threads, there are anons that insist on going against everything imageboards stand for, and they found a loophole to allow their attention whoring nonsense. Personalities are the focus on these threads, not the content. And much like you'd see on social media whose very design also focuses on the individual, you're left with old, recycled, unoriginal content combined with nonsensical attention whoring and endless bickering.

As long as people focus on the individuals posting here and not the content, these threads are going to be exceptionally shitty

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draw my bird

yeh u


Think you struck a nerve lol


Hmmm...who guessed this..?

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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

didn't yv already say this

>user blows up a cask of black powder

wutchu need it for dud
I’m taking them and not giving them back
I dun get it
No u, I’m here to doodle what are you here for??

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I would like to see a Koffing drinking coffee.
Also... should I into coffee?


Know scientific fact, birds can get depressed too
and they like alcohol, not related facts. but yeah that's the joke.

Damn, now I am picturing sad birds drinking vodka...

Normally in these cases I'd say "I wish". But I'm not that big of a smash fan. Melee was the last one that mattered to me and classic is still kino as fuck.

stop being a nigger and leave

why would you bring up smash, now i know you are a samefag

Something I drew a few days ago

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it's pretty shit

You name me one time debil is in thread and NOT talking about smash. It's their key defining feature.
Given that I do not identify with this key defining feature. It was the main reason I'd not want to be them.

You sure are desperate to "AH HA!" someone, aren't you?

better than your stick figure drawings


cope with what? Your insanity?

Ay I'm struggline with a draw, would any drawfriends be willing to redline it? I'd rather not post it in thread so dm's through whatever means would be ideal
If not, thanks for your time regardless

Fuck you trash

Hey Liar

You guys are faggots...

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fuck off

and so you are.

>Imagine being this obsessed with a bunch of faggots
That's a big Yikes from me, fam.

>and so you are
>so you are
>you are
Did you have a stroke, sir?


>Sup Forums
Lurk moar

Perhaps, I just ate a whole pizza.



This, also if you're so good why don't you draw something?