What's the story of the first time you nutted?

What's the story of the first time you nutted?

Pic unrelated.

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I discovered hentai and immediately regretted it afterwords.

Watching lesbians makeout while topless on the tv airing of The Howard Stern Show

It felt so good and then there was a huge crash of guilt right after.

I remember one night I just started jacking it, started to feel sensation and kept going until I blew. I got kinda scared and didn't know what it was

For me, unfortunately, that pic is related


I always keep my hand in my pants as a habit i guess. One day i was just mindlessly rubbing my dick until it started to feel good and i mindfuly continued until i came. I was laying in my bed while king of the hill was on tv

>pic unrelated
>pic clearly shows it's related to topic

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3 y/o with my sisters barbie.

>be me
>discovered internet
>horny as fuck every night
>stayed up all night watching porn
>never blew, just looked at it until erection faded for whatever reason
>one night I stay up watching porn until the sun came up
>not done yet
>eventually I nut
>got really scared bc I didn’t know wtf happened
>spent all day at school thinking about it
>went home and did it again

And thus my pornography addiction was perpetuated, and to this day it continues.

my story is the exact same as this one, except in the shower and i didnt really see anything when i nutted so i was extra confused

i was like 13 and was watching some wack facefuck shit. i slathered on a shitload of lotion and just started beating my meat

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After sex ed in 7th grade. I put 2 and 2 together and realized how sex worked. Then I figured I’d see if I could simulate it to see what would happen. And that’s how I blew thinking about Olivia from my Language Arts class

I remember suddenly realizing why people loved sex so much. Everything made sense kek.

I used a vacuum cleaner while nobody was home. Didn't even know what would happen. Had a meganut in less than a second

watched late night hbo and cinemax for a year prior, started to poke around google images with convoluted search terms.
My dick would be throbbing, knew I was getting around the age of fertility but nothing would happen.
Then one night, basic ass softcore scene with a hot tub, I felt my pelvic muscles surge with a tingle, then seed. Took a few weeks for the nuts to get mind blowing.

>be me
>just came back from doctors appointment
>friend on teamspeak server describes to me masturbation for the first time
>try it out later that night
>in bed
>dont want the coom to go everywhere
>put finger on top of dick so it doesnt spill
>went to batheroom
>let it drip out
that was kinda it

Started getting curious about what girls looked like naked but didn't want to use my family computer because it was in the living room.
I started staying up late looking up pictures of girls in bikinis or mooning on my Nintendo DSI while slowly grinding on my mattress.

One night I find a picture of a girl with her swimsuit pulled to the side, showing her pussy. As I'm grinding like usual the sight of seeing a pussy for the first time makes me nut on my sheets. I had no idea what happened and vowed to never do it again.

>next day I booted up the DSI
>spend weeks digging through this site and all over looking for more pussy pictures
>It's a never ended quest to see more and more to this very day

I was probably 11 or 12 years old, and on my new Nintendo dsi, I looked up on Google images "hardcore fight," just looking for something cool and saw a woman spreading her pussy. My dick got hard, but this was the first time I really had the urge to play with it. I went to the bathroom and locked the door, since I shared my room with my older brother, and started playing with it. I didn't really know what do do, but noticed I tensed up when I stroked it a couple times. I kept doing that, stroking it twice and stopping, feeling myself tense up, and doing it again. eventually, it started feeling better and better, so I kept doing it until I tensed real hard. Nothing came out, since I hadn't really hit puberty yet, but it felt really good. That later became a regular thing I did, and I didn't really learn about masturbation until later. I just know playing with my dick felt really good.

I was around 11 i think, had been watching porn for a while but never masturbated, once i was home alone and decided to go to the bathroom to try it, long story short i started beating and came in absolute euphoria, i couldn't even move for a while because of the climax.
Then i started beating more frequently with this new found super power.

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