We are going to Amsterdam for a 3 day break. How easy is it to get a good friend of mine into being part of a sex show...

We are going to Amsterdam for a 3 day break. How easy is it to get a good friend of mine into being part of a sex show? Hopefully with a handful of guys fucking her.

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Wtf is that pic? Looks like it's letting out a fucking queef

She was.

>Being a part of a show

None. They have paid, with benefits people that are tested weekly that participate in this already.

You won't be able to get your friend in as an actor in such a show.

I also don't recommend the shows at all. They're like $50 euros and after 10 minutes it becomes really lame and awkward. It's not entertaining at all unless you've never seen porn or like shitty comedy.

Each if the girls are like 50 or a 100 Euro for sex in the windows, save your money for that.

I went a few years back and they dragged a woman on stage and stripped her. 2 guys put on condoms and fucked her.

Some real backstreet joints may have an audience member but yes they will have to use condoms.

I must have left early to see something like that. Shit was so dumb and boring after 10 minutes. Very cringe

She was from a hen do. Her friends pushed her forward. It was really hot to watch.

Only place I had some fun was the little strip club behind the Oude Kerk "La vie en Proost".

Topless bartenders, dozen of girls (through the evening, two/three on stage at same time), from a 3 to a solid 8.
Kinda fun, not so much of a scam (but for champagne and "buy me a drink" you should always avoid everywhere ...), and not that intrusive/insistent on lapdances. Quite open on petting if polite. Goes fully naked on your lap. Either twerking or sensual, depending on you. Quite a good spirit, laugh, they seems quite happy actually.

A women could have fun if she's willing to play with her dancer, or being provocative/exhibisionist.

Entry is 5€, (mandatory) beer is 7, dance 20.

Now, if she's not on that kind of kink, you can head to a privathuis (for the thrill of a hooker, but not in the stern Disneypron of De Wallen) cause some girls are open to girls. There also is a swinger club in the south-west of the town that's not bad, where you could make the show to guest ...

Now, not speaking of Amsterdam, you have a pair of good Gang-bang /public disgrace, or simpler MMF plays in Paris. It's not your destination, but it's worth the try next time.

Name's are Zoheir and Pamy, two different kind, but both are actual kinkster that want to make your night THE night you hoped for.

That sounds promising so I could take her and she would be part of show and get fucked.

Sounds great aswell. Thanks bro.

Dump more for my collection plz

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Need more of her pussy who is she?

You're whale cum.

Also, nothing related to sex, but there is a great coffeeshop near the Erasmus University. Baloonetje. It's not the overcrowded, loud music like in the RLD, more like a regular coffee for locals, like you could find wherever in an old town ... but for the weed.

Some user keeps posting her starting with pic related

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Looks abit dirty to me.

Anymore pussy pics?

And thats the appeal for some reason only my boner knows why


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Last i have of her

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That's a hell of a nice pussy she has. Looks so raw when she opens it. Damn.

Love those nips

Yup. Shes kinda gross which is kinda hot. Like id proposition her if she was standing on a corner

Yeah I see the appeal. I'd say she seen some action but not sure what.

From the fiction op keeps posting here lets her whore herself out and is trying to get her a porn audition

Sounds about right. By the size of her pussy I'd say she's done abit of something. I would fuck her quick smart.

Kek. Id jam my foot in there.

Anyway what are you asking op?

Dutch person checking in, just fuck the hookers. They'll do anal for next to nothing, pay up front, wrap it up. Done deal.

They're not a huge fan of tourists though, be sure to take a shower and shave the neckbeard

I've forgotten now your pics distracted me. I like the full pic of her displaying her hole to everyone very nice.

Thanks bro will do.